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  1. airjm2345

    Fiverr's 20% off for new accounts - Taking advantage?

    Bump... Thoughts, anyone?
  2. airjm2345

    Fiverr's 20% off for new accounts - Taking advantage?

    Sorry I'm not sure where to post this - but I was wondering how you'd recommend taking advantage of the 20% off for first orders for new Fiverr accounts? I purchase an expensive gig on there every few weeks and getting 20% off each time by using a new account would be great. The other day I...
  3. airjm2345

    Help with BS Tweaker and Bluestacks

    If anyone could help me here, I'd really appreciate it. I'm on Windows (via Parallels) and I have the latest Bluestacks ( and BS Tweaker (3.12). Bluestacks is rooted. When I open up BS Tweaker, a lot of the features I need to use, like changing the Android ID, Google Advertising...
  4. airjm2345

    Send products to popular instagram girls to promote?

    You know how you typically see a variety of models/girls on instagram promoting products like teeth whitener, protein powder, tea, bath scrubs, etc..? Even though there's typically nothing original about a lot of these and there's other alternatives, the brands still seem to do pretty well...
  5. airjm2345

    My Unlimited eBay selling account + Your products

    Alright I think I'm closing my offer for now. Just too many scammers and dishonesty out there. I think I've found a promising product on my own, anyway.
  6. airjm2345

    My Unlimited eBay selling account + Your products

    You think so? I should probably mention that I won't be giving the password to the eBay account away.
  7. airjm2345

    My Unlimited eBay selling account + Your products

    Mods: I don't know whether this is ok to post here or in the Joint Venture section. Feel free to move it there if that's where it should go. I just saw a couple similar threads here + it seemed more active, so I posted here. Hello there If anyone has a profitable product(s) they'd like to...
  8. airjm2345

    Did YT allow adsence on windows tutorials?

    I don't see why not. Unless I'm missing something here... Why would videos with Windows tutorials not be allowed to run with AdSense? Explain further?
  9. airjm2345

    Youtube Video Copyright Issue

    Is the copyright related to music you're using? It would help to know the cause for your copyright issues.
  10. airjm2345

    Wishing I registered domain

    Yea I would've taken that 80k immediately. The dude is being greedy.
  11. airjm2345

    Need help on paypal limitation service

    ^ Yea that's the guy I was thinking of
  12. airjm2345

    How many likes per photo is reasonable for 1-2k followers?

    How many likes per photo is reasonable for 1-2k followers?
  13. airjm2345

    Is my profile showing all black text for anyone else?

    Ahh, I just noticed a little paint can you can click to change the colors. That's it
  14. airjm2345

    A Instagram with mainly vines/videos?

    You could do it, I've seen it done. Lots of people get attacked for posting stuff without citing the original source, so just make sure to give credit
  15. airjm2345

    Matched betting. Money making any input much appreciated

    I considered doing this for a while You have to bet a ton of money both ways just to make like $50 I viewed it as too risky because you're absolutely screwed if one of your bets gets cancelled (I've had that happen just betting regularly) The profits are so minor that partnering with someone...
  16. airjm2345

    Need Help

    Nobody is going to let you use their account if you've been getting suspended. What was the item?
  17. airjm2345

    Semi-Old Reddit account

    I've got a couple
  18. airjm2345

    What is the Best Alternative of Paypal?

    It's only available in the US but Square Cash looks good
  19. airjm2345

    Looking to purchase RU58841

    Really random to see this posted on here lol. Most people probably don't know what RU is but I happen to I'd suggest you post on the hairlosshelpforum in the Experimental section. Or you could order from AnagenInc ... They're one of the most well know, best suppliers and people normally don't...
  20. airjm2345

    Looking for Canadian Dropshippers!!

    I'm in Canada, would be interested depending on the product nice PM me
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