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  1. GiftGuru

    Shorts aren't working for me

    Lighten up and acquire a sense of humor. Most people that have been in this biz for any amount of time survive because of a good sense of humor. If you can't find the funny in this biz.... this biz will eat you alive.
  2. GiftGuru

    [WTB] Need someone who could help me to get in contact with personal trainers on Instagram

    If you want to JV with this let me know.... we have a lot of influencers (licensed personal trainers/gym owners) that we are in constant communication with us...
  3. GiftGuru

    FB Group - Ideas To Monetize 20K freelancers

    I would set up a fiverr clone and then set up an automatic social share every time a job is posted. I did this 5 years ago and built a base of 20,000 freelancers out of nothing. Ended up making 5-7k profit a month from the fiverr clone. Sold the site after 2 years for $125k
  4. GiftGuru

    Anyone know a good mass coupon submitter?

    Looking for a reliable one to post our deals. I don't see any online that have been updated or that have good reviews lately. Looking for software that can submit a promo or coupon code to at least 50 of the top coupon/deals sites.
  5. GiftGuru

    How do I find affiliates?

    True... We are just lazy I suppose
  6. GiftGuru

    How do I find affiliates?

    We don't do any of that stuff. We retarget. Our conversions are fanstastic. 90 day cookie. And have never changed our rate. In fact, we have only increased rates for top performers
  7. GiftGuru

    How do I find affiliates?

    We are in a similar situation.... Right now I am getting good success with this method: Buy 5 Instagram accs, fill the profiles out. Have them focus on 2 different hashtags in your niche, Follow 150 a day, the best is the commenting on the hashtag. We are doing about 100 comments per account...
  8. GiftGuru

    Anyone was able to recover after the May update?

    We are in the health and fitness niche which got hit the hardest. We are all still waiting. Nobody has come back yet.
  9. GiftGuru

    Did Twitter algo do this to Trump or do you think it is random?

    True... forgot about that angle. I guess if enough people tweet a certain thing at an account, that's what that account is to the algo
  10. GiftGuru

    Did Twitter algo do this to Trump or do you think it is random?

    When you do the search term "racist" on twitter search, he is number 1 on person tab... On purpose or no?
  11. GiftGuru

    Black Hat Matters

    ACAB Always Care About Blackhat
  12. GiftGuru

    Quora push force - upvotes, answers, bot

    Just buy a couple accounts from places like BuyAccs and plug them into great. Control your own destiny
  13. GiftGuru

    Don’t know how to take advantage of reddit traffic

    I need help with the fitness/supplement niche on Reddit. I had 2 senior acct managers from Reddit reach out to me yesterday and am going to have a conference call with them tomorrow. Am interested to hear their solution. We have tried a ton of paid Reddit and a lot of other things but can't get...
  14. GiftGuru

    Anyones rank go to shit?

    I am also in the supplement sector. Why would you think this is permanent? I can't see how Google justifies putting videos in the SERPS for keyword phrases like "Vitamin C Powder"
  15. GiftGuru

    Beating competition: e-commerce affiliates, what do you do to differentiate from competition?

    Make sure read the terms and conditions..... if it says NO COUPON SITES and you remotely look like one, make sure you write a hand written explanation about what exactly you are going to do for the site. This important for getting approval. Just an inside scoop.... It also helps to write a...
  16. GiftGuru

    ██ Medium Store ██ Medium Claps | High TF Guest Posts | | Medium Followers [50% OFF]

    Any package deals? I have a big medium account with a few hundred articles in it. Right now I get about 50 reads a day and I want to blow it up. What would you recommend?
  17. GiftGuru

    Anyone know what's up with buyaccs?

    Def has been my go to for many years. No problems on my end
  18. GiftGuru

    [Method] How to Get Canva Pro Free

    Tremendous share
  19. GiftGuru

    Quora upvotes

    Just get Jarvee, load up a bunch of Quora accs and schedule it yourself (make sure you use proxies of course). Worked great for me and cheaper.
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