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    Paid for one via ethereum. *Last 4 Digits of TXID* R6IU
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    $ Proxymillion $ Private Google, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn & Instagram Proxies @ $0.29

    Bought a 25 proxy package yesterday. Still waiting on em.
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    Want to make bank? You got 5 days

    Tell me it won't work after you tried it. Maybe you guys are saying it won't work because you're implementing it yourselves!
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    Want to make bank? You got 5 days

    The Dota 2 tournament is taking place at this moment. The prize pot? $18,000,000. Yes that number is correct. 18 million dollars for a video game. This is going to be a short method you've probably used before that implements the Facebook groups method. Join gaming groups and Dota fan pages...
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    Journey to a steady income

    Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I was creating squeeze pages and articles for my website. First off, I'm going to direct the traffic to the articles to create an email list offering an incentive to it. Next, I will direct them to a "special offer" within the emails to get the dedicated...
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    Journey to a steady income

    UPDATE: 47 groups have been joined. Accounts all warmed up. 2 Targeted Niches and Websites all setup. I have Web 2.0's and will blast some major links to them. My main goal of this journey is, like I said, a steady income. I hope to create 2 Authority Sites.
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    Journey to a steady income

    Thanks guys. UPDATE: Accepted into 36 groups. I haven't warmed up any of the accounts, but I will do so now. I am able to just use their proxies and will add friends and like. I still feel that the Massplanner random thing is still automated as it only has limited features. I have 3 niches...
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    I'm Done with Apple..

    I beg to differ. I can be on a phone call for 12 hours on my flip phone and the battery won't go down at all. I use the flip phone for calls and a smart phone (Galaxy Note) for scheduling.
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    Journey to a steady income

    I officially start the journey today! Most of this month will be testing. I expect to make a few bucks, but not much. Edit: Bought Mass Planner. 1 month. $10 Bought +8 Module. $15 10 Private Proxies. $10 VPS. $9.50 24 Phone Verified Facebook Accounts. $24 Total: $68.50 I plan to spend about...
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    If I Can Make 189.00 in a Day Using FaceBook, You SURELY Can!

    You mean to tell me you're making 15k per month using this method? I just started my journey with this method. I don't have the accounts yet, but I do have the niche and a list of targeted groups. But seriously. You scaled it from $190 to $500 a day!?!? Dayum.
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    PennyPanel - 4000+ Reviews | 600+ Exclusive SMM Services | Rock Bottom Prices

    So basically they're just going to be pending forever?
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    PennyPanel - 4000+ Reviews | 600+ Exclusive SMM Services | Rock Bottom Prices

    Mistake on orders 50310 and 50311. Put in the wrong Vine links. If possible, cancel and I'll put in the right ones. Thx.
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    How much followers on your biggest account? How big is your entire network? How much would it cost for an hour on all of your accounts?
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    Gmail-Youtube-Yahoo-Hotmail-MySpace-Aol @ CHEAP

    Just placed an order #1655
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    My facebook page has gone viral. I want to make $$$

    Don't tell me it's the God hates Tattoos page.
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    Journey to a steady income

    Hello everyone. After my failure with two journeys, I'm back once again for a third try! Back before I started those two journeys, I didn't have an actual job, whereas now, I'm flipping burgers at a restaurant and never saw the meaning of hard work, little pay until now, a month after I...
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    Facebook Fan Page Advertising Advertise To Over 6 MILLION REAL PEOPLE

    Could I promote a CPA offer as a Giveaway? Could I also get multiple posts for a Facebook page?
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    Build Passive Income Stream with HOT "Adsense" friendly Niche Site - with FREE SEO Guide!!

    Could you send me all the information from Bagata's post? " am also interested in this service , and i have some questions 1. Expected delivery date if i order today? 2. How much can i earn per month with only one site 3. Do i need to post articles every week(or i just need to do seo on the...
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    MEGA AUTHORITY SITES: 100 Articles - Make $300 - $3000m - Powered By Social Signals & SEO

    I would like some Samples of $500 Package.
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    Beware of Facebook. Fake Traffic still a huge Issue?

    Are you targeting your audiences down to the location? Learn some data mining techniques. Would you give an example of your setup?
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