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  1. Textsurfer

    Newbie Simple Money Making method that makes you £10-£40 daily with £100-£200 within a week

    What do you think about Profit Accumulator? Have you ever tried it? I know of Oddsmonkey but I've heard the other name as well and wondering if they're basically the same in what they offer or ? Thanks.
  2. Textsurfer

    Anyone still using AI generated voice in their videos?

    Why not? I have multiple channels monetized with AI voice. The thing is that I use my brain and do the following 1) Find a good AI voice, pay if you must but it needs to sound similar to human's voice and not robotic 2) Edit the voice using Audacity or any other voice editing program so it...
  3. Textsurfer

    High Quality Vcc For Every Day Use

    I needed VCC urgently for 1 website, so I contacted OP and he was kind enough to provide me with a working VCC and help me throughout the process. Fast and easy. Would buy again! Great service!
  4. Textsurfer

    Which one should i invest into?

    It works for me too. 300% gains in 2 days already.
  5. Textsurfer

    Make thosands know easy method....

    I had to double check the date to see if we're not 1st of April.
  6. Textsurfer

    Any BHW members got rich of the sudden surge of new Number 1 crypto)?

    Yesterday I heard for the first time about this project, well...
  7. Textsurfer

    Tunescool Shaved it all off!

    @loveboat look at this guy ^ you should subscribe to him
  8. Textsurfer

    Instagram SMM Panel?

    The mother child method is dead, so better re-think your strategy.
  9. Textsurfer

    How can I get CPA Lead for free

    You'll never have success by trying to cheat CPA networks if that's your plan. If you want to play it fair, just use free traffic sources like Facebook groups, Twitter, IG, Snapchat and you will get your first lead in no time.
  10. Textsurfer

    How do you guys edit videos so fast for porn re-upload?

    Best suggestion you'll ever get. I literally use ffmpeg 24/7 and never had any issues with bulk editing.
  11. Textsurfer

    help me find this girl that I met 5 years ago

    You're not helping us lol.
  12. Textsurfer

    I Will no longer be contributing to the forum

    lmao some people are so deep into the internetz and this forum, it takes over their life... sad.
  13. Textsurfer

    Does Scrape Box Work Anymore ???

    I currently have it opened and it works without issues. Check your proxies.
  14. Textsurfer

    Scammed for $5,000 - Help me Track Down the Scammer

    "a friend"... yeah right :rolleyes::anyway::anyway: Good luck!
  15. Textsurfer

    Whats name of your wifi? :)

    Mine is: The Silence of The LANs
  16. Textsurfer

    Snapchat locked out

    No as I wrote above the iPhone is banned forever from Snap. For example now if I try to log into any snap account from my iPhone I get logged out immediately and it shows that the account is locked. This doesn't happen with the new Android phone I bought.
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