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  1. bigeazy

    [LOL] Do You Remember The Website?

  2. bigeazy

    Black Hat Method To Getting Pussy!

    Well folks... this is one of the few method's on bhw that still works now... a majority of you can see my earlier posts on this thread... just thought I would update it with this... At Call Gentlemen... At Call...
  3. bigeazy

    [METHOD] My Easy $150/Month Method (With Bonus Google Juice)

    Seems like alot of work for $900 especially over 6 months, interesting nonetheless. I was just curious about this: Does the profile page itself have any pr? If so can you tell me the average pr of the profiles.
  4. bigeazy

    Best automation tool for forums?

    If its for massive lists then yes Xrumer for sure. If its highly targeted you use ubot/zennoposter/macros script, this can make you do stuff like and I'm using bhw as a forum example here... give ppl rep, add friends, rate threads, etc etc.
  5. bigeazy

    Captcha Sniper X2 has been released!!!!

    You do realize that after a while recaptcha does ban the ip, what this does is give you a harder recaptcha. Some people use lists that have millions of urls on em'.... need a good breaker or you'll be doing 150 links per minute hahahahahaha
  6. bigeazy

    I Just Had Sex!

    Tsk tsk tsk... misleading title! PICS or GTFO :)
  7. bigeazy

    Monster Energy Drink

    You know something is wrong when you refer to the flavor of a drink as Green, Yellow, Blue, etc instead of Strawberry, Mango, Grape, etc. Whats next? Oh I am having this Red, Purple and Blue for dinner?
  8. bigeazy

    Captcha Sniper X2 has been released!!!!

    Didn't see a recaptcha, but the update does look pretty good... man if you guys can get xrumer style recaptcha done, I would literally pay thousands.
  9. bigeazy

    Russian Footer Links Are Killing It

    Footer links, site wide links from non relevant high pr pages and non extistent anchor text optimization = Ranking for tough keywords... What does this say about bhw and the state of SEO? Every second post on this forum this year I see says something along the line of: "Its all about content...
  10. bigeazy

    So my porn site now gets 22,000+ unique visitors every single day...

    Maybe you should realize who you are talking to.. I ain't gonna post any shit from this year because of Cutts and the gang are nut hugging this forum like white on rice but this is the shit I was doing last year...
  11. bigeazy

    Why You Should Barter With A Resturant

    It ends up as a win-win situation for you in your perspective, but remember... Whats good for you isn't necessarily good for me. I would rather buy food with the money I earn. Why would I trade my services for that food. You know why? I don't eat $xx,xxx to $xxx,xxx of food a month, but I...
  12. bigeazy

    So my porn site now gets 22,000+ unique visitors every single day...

    Is this your first adult site? Because it seems like it. Today's Quick Fact: Adult sites are terribly easy to rank and get you a TON of traffic. The other side of the equation? Good luck monetizing that traffic haha.
  13. bigeazy

    [Casestudy] Wiki links - Dripping, Velocity, Diversity

    Wiki's still work? I used to have a revolving list of thousands a few months ago... did many tests.. across approx 80+ domains and got nothing out of it. And its not like I was not trying to index them either...
  14. bigeazy

    Rejected by a girl: Because i'm too young...

    Hey brah... Maybe you didn't get her drunk enough? Or If its 3am and you ain't got no poon, walkover to the bar, grab the first fatty you see and drink till she's hot.
  15. bigeazy

    Google will disappear in five years! Rejoice!

    Idiots with their iphones think its the best thing since sliced bread. Siri will take over search? Man go back to your flock, the Shepard is waiting. There are way better phones out there than the iphone (i know this, I have owned plenty of em in my days)
  16. bigeazy

    wtf, its on first page

    Dude thats a shit kw about roulettes in vegas with 1k exacts... if you have trouble ranking that kw... then please go back to DP or WF
  17. bigeazy

    They Drilled Out the Lock on my Storage Unit, and Claim it was an "Accident"

    What an interesting thread... would love an update.
  18. bigeazy

    Demand that the people that bullied Amanda Todd to death are held responsible.

    The fact that you created a second thread in a few days about the same topic tells me that you are looking for attention. What kind of a person benefits from somebody dieing? If you're gonna do this shit, atleast do it the right way with your own site + content locker. Get this shit off...
  19. bigeazy

    Can anyone get rid of the background in this photo?

    I second that. Hey whatever happened to that thread where you go on pof and msg a chick with a fat ass hairy pic you drew of her in paint. I fucking loved that thread.
  20. bigeazy

    Demand that the people that bullied Amanda Todd to death are held responsible.

    This will be my last response on this thread... just by looking at your history, it seems that my autistic cousin has a higher IQ than you. I could probably get a more coherent answer by talking to a baboon.
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