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    Need advice (affiliate links in app). Landingpages, direct-links or redirects?

    I am creating a tool so people can track prices. When the price is low enough and people want to buy... they click a link and will go to the affiliate shop/website. WHat is the best way to handle the links? I know not all vendors likes it when i use direct affiliate links, so i want a solution...
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    Dropshiping fast money

    lol... did not see this reply.... Bosnia.... the land of opportunity and no taxes. Why not go the email-spam route? Why do you even send real watches? For real, if you make money, good for you. But no taxes and no customer service/garanty? I think you will be shutdown pretty fast. Take your...
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    Dropshiping fast money

    LOL... only paying for the watches and ads?,,,,, no guaranty or something? Bosnia is a EU member, right? So, you need to replace broken watches.... if you don't do that you will get scr3wed big time. I know Bosnia is not a modern country so maybe you are OK. I'm pretty sure the Chinese seller...
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    Using tor for likes/votes/reviews etc

    OP talks about votes/likes and not about fooling filesahring/ppc/ppd or whatever you are talking about. OP: Yes you can use TOR, but better you use proxy lists (private are best but are not free). TOR is changing the IP every 10min. So when you do your stuff with 1 account you can get a new IP...
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    woww just created a new gig on fiverr and already making money:)

    And Apple will take 30%, just read the TOS and you know it. You don't like it, don't register a account.
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    Question About AddMeFast

    People don't always tell you the complete story/solution.... Use your brains my friend. What if 5000 people are using the same macros script... you don't think some system will detect it? If there is no random time settings i don't even download the tool... better you make your own. You can...
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    How make an easy 2$ a day when all else fails ! -- Pinterest+Mylikes! (VERY NOOB FRIENDLY)

    It is working for me. Great tut.. will try to find the thank you button ;-) Also i see $ getting lower sometimes but read this guys: "Your final earnings are based on the advertising revenue generated by your visits and are finalized within 48 hours of your post." So don't cry, just read! For...
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    Google Analytics. Windows desktop tool?

    Is there a tool i can use on windows to show me "Google Analytics"? I want to get the info like "real-time" in a tool so i don't have to open the Google Analytics website. I have seen a API but i don't want to waste time building my own tool. I did some searches on big G... but d4mn.... i just...
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    What are the best PPD network that pay via Paypal

    cleanfiles for real? I don't know what happens but my account is gone (maybe because inactive ;-)) Now i have verified my domain.... and now i need to wait until cleanfiles have approved my application. I have not enter a url for the app... LOL the app is not even uploaded. now i get it, they...
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    [METHOD] Get/Steal REAL Facebook likes (Including pics)

    Did you people see the results on twitter when you search for a facebook user by name. LOL If you want to automate this.... you need to make a clever filter to find the name/twitteruser you need or you will endup with 10x more twitter follows as facebook names you want to follow. Manually it is...
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    I am Bot Creator, Send Your Reasonable Ideas for tools

    This is funny ;-) I think he now wants to learn how to make imacros. LOL If you want to make your own "real" bots, no imacros. Pick your program language and build!, C#, c++, java, or buy a expensive pre-made builder like ubot studio or that other one.... can't remember what is was. I...
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    Easy $$$ through Flappy bird cash in quick!

    It is a iPhone games, looks a bit like old super mario games. Just a stupid game. The Dev made $50K per day with his adds in the game. He just don't like it and now he stops?!?!?!?!? I wonder what will happen with the adds in the game. He will stop those? Or he just still banking? That guy is a...
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    Best site to start a blog

    identical blogs? Same content or unique? If the same you will get slapped, else you can use the same design over and over again (not the content).
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    Best site to start a blog

    No! "In summary, Blogger is a free publishing platform, while Blogspot is a free domain service provider. Blogspot have to be used with Blogger, but Blogger doesn?t have to be used with Blogspot. However, both are designed to work together in providing free blogging experience for their users."...
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    No More Mr Nice Guy, Black Hat all the way! What to do?

    So, i made my money the last few years (6 or so) with my retail webshops. The first days and months all is new and when you see more money coming in as you spend on ads.... all is just great! So, i got to much money and i will buy a new domain and throw a new shop online. Retail webshops will...
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    likesasap random banning?

    nice, 45min later and now i can see the site again. Still wonder what there is happening. Bad servers, problems with dns?
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    likesasap random banning?

    Do they just bann people random by IP? i am a member for just 24 hours and now i see i cannot access the site with my own IP. No, i don't and did not use proxies on likesasap dot com. And no, also did no blackhat stuff. Just wonder why and maybe others got the same problem. To be clear, i...
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    What is the point of using landing pages when they just lower your click through rate?

    I'm fighting with the same problem. Sales is what you need, no cookies set = no money for you. iframes = not that great if you want to get "free" searchengine traffic. But you will set the cookies, that is good ;-) I use my landing pages to add some extra adds for people who already know the...
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    Can i use scrapebox as a "cache warmer"?

    Thanks for the suggestion, but this way i need to add 1 cron per url. Not a real time safer if i need to crawl thousands of urls. And the time when the urls need to be crawled are daily but not on the same time, so i need to edit the cron times every day. I'll use scrapebox with the default...
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    Can i use scrapebox as a "cache warmer"?

    link checker seems to do the job. Images and all stuff seems to be cached and loading. I'm using the standard checker... tested with the link checker addon, but i don't like that one. Thanks! My customers will love the fresh cached pages ;-)
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