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  1. radu1296

    Niche Emails

    Hey, as the title says i need emails of people working in leading positions in certain niche businesses like cleaning companies etc WH and BH are both welcome. Paid or free, a fast method would be good. Buying from someone/software, doesn't really matter as long as i can get most of the emails...
  2. radu1296

    Ask me anything about Facebook Ads 2019

    Hey mate, highly appreciate taking your time to help us out! I recently made an ecom store, ran a campaign with 8 adsets and 4 brought me 9 sales ( 1-> 1 sale; 2nd->3; 3rd->3;4th->2) I duplicated the adsets that brought me the most sales and i got another 7 sales ( some adsets 1 others 2)...
  3. radu1296

    Mass Dm the right way?

    Move along, dms are dead
  4. radu1296


    Forget about those, might die 2 hours after u try it
  5. radu1296

    Dropshipping Journey to $100 per Day (COMPLETED 10/02/2019)

    Looking forward to the new journey, get on it asap
  6. radu1296

    [HQ] Instagram accounts with followers [HQ]

    Hey, can you please pm if you have any 10-30k Female based weight loss/fitness account?
  7. radu1296

    ✅ RAW Mobile Rotating 4G Proxy: ⭐ Client Management ⭐ Social Media Growth ⭐ CPA ⭐ M/S ⭐

    Have used @MR.Spuf 's proxies and all i can say is that you don't need anything else. Offered M/S before and i was able to easily throw 15+ accounts on his 4g proxy, onboarding and support 10/10. Highly recommend!
  8. radu1296

    Instagram Ads

    Does anyone have experience with insta ads to create an email list i can then retarget to? Does anyone recommend it?
  9. radu1296

    Best Instagram Automation tool in 2019

    Was not talking about you specifically, was talking about a random insta expert that doesn't do his homework. Yes i do
  10. radu1296

    Best Instagram Automation tool in 2019

    Well you can be an insta expert today and if you don't test daily in 3 months you can be irrelevant, ton of new info weekly, and some purely give up on that method and choose a different one. There still are people that grow with f/u story views m/s but most of them don't talk about the fact...
  11. radu1296

    jarvee getting busted on instagram

    50% are Indians, and out of 500m users only 25 are americans, it'll take a while to get there
  12. radu1296

    Pinterest M/S method

    Interested in replicating insta m/s on pinterest, anyone here using it successfully that has any tips or warning before i attempt this? Still thinking how to monetize traffic, 1st thing is getting some accounts up and running, i have my bot to do the rest. Can i create accounts using hotspot...
  13. radu1296

    Uk proxies

    Does anyone have any info on a good 4g UK proxy? Preferably if you tested it before, thank you!
  14. radu1296

    Some good info about the latest Instagram behaviors

    I did not know back then, but i do now. And the programmer idea is definitely not true, not a programmer and i'm doing just fine now
  15. radu1296

    Investing 1000 dollars to make money online.

    Short answer: yes IF You spend time beforehand learning what to invest in and how, that can take you anywhere from 1-7 days to a few months, depending on you.
  16. radu1296

    Amazon Journey?

    This thread was to gather info on the matter and see if i should open a journey thread. Working on other stuff right now
  17. radu1296


    It's 3 months old
  18. radu1296

    Child Account with link to Main account in bio

    Some people have it working, they say we should stay under 50, but it's not advised anyway. DM'ing has the highest conversion rate
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