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    I think there will be a nuclear war within this 10 years

    Forget nuclear war. Not gonna happen. There is however an economic and technological war going on without most people noticing. The virus plays part in it. And I can tell you one thing, China is winning big time.
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    How to get Coins from Pancakeswap to Binance?

    Well keep them in your Trust or MetaMask wallet if the tokens or not on Binance. Or swap them for BNB and transfer BNB to Binance.
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    Crypto transfer of $10000 or more to be reported to IRS

    LOL the US. 10 years behind in blockchain technology and now the best thing they can think about is trying to tax crypto profits. Either way, the title of this post should read "Crypto transfers by --> US residents <-- of $ 10000 or more should be reported to the IRS". Not everyone lives in...
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    Bitcoin to 30 k

    Binance has a futures market, but if you have no experience with the futures market, I guess it's better to buy BTC Put options at These are dangerous games, but you can earn a lot more than with shitcoins and no rug pulls...
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    This is how the whole crypto market works

    This does not only apply to crypto. Look at Tesla stocks. Ridiculous. If you can do a little math, you know that this is totally out of proportion.
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    Weak hands shaked off. new cycle is begin now?

    This party has just started.
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    This was posted a week ago. Didn't age very well.
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    The Problem Behind Crypto Crash 2021

    Well, it wouldn't be the first time the Bitfinex guys had something to do with it. And it probably won't be the last time either.
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    Just in: Elon tweets about a new shitcoin

    Thanks for this info. So I guess this means they didn't sell their Bitcoins.
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    Just in: Elon tweets about a new shitcoin

    I think this has nothing to do with crypto in this case. It's about Tesla stock and their ongoing war with shortsellers.
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    Elon started to pump a new project

    OK man, but I'm not responsible! Like others said: Go to Coinmarketcap and search for Starbase. Or just Google "Starbase Token". --> First result on Google Search Results is probably, second result is the Starbase website Starbase dot co (not dot com, dot co). On the Starbase...
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    Elon started to pump a new project

    Don't take it personal, my answer is for everyone. If you don't know where and how to buy these tokens, if you don't know how all this works, then you should stay away from it. This is not a joke. You WILL lose your money.
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    More Bad News? Crypto Banned in China!

    They must have their reasons, just like Musk. And those reasons are probably making more money. Not less. Put yourself in their place. View it from their angle. Wonder why... Aren't they trying to launch their own digital yuan? Could that have something to do with it? I don't know. I'm not a...
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    what can i do with a gopro? ideas?

    You could sell it to rich people in Turkey. That's what I heard.
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    This shit scam coin you can only BUY but can't SELL

    It's not that easy. Many tokens claim that they have renounced ownership, but then, that turned out not to be true. You can renounce or transfer ownership. Basically, to renounce ownership, the contract would have to call a function called OwnershipTransferred () That function should then make...
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    RiskMoon Coin the low market cap hidden gem

    Everyone is ecstatic. And the sky is not even the limit. But if you do some simple math and open your eyes, then you just know this isn't right. And not only in crypto! Look at Tesla stock. This is all going to crash so hard, it will be total fiasco. Nobody wants to hear you say that, of...
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    Why is BTC not recovering now ?

    :D What stats are you looking at??
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    Elon Musk Tweets This!!!!!

    Elon was quite late in discovering crypto. But he soon realized that he could make an immense amount of money by manipulating the crypto markets. Someone in his position shouldn't. But the fact is, you only become a billionaire by taking advantage of everything and everyone. All this clearly...
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    This shit scam coin you can only BUY but can't SELL

    If the developer does not renounce ownership of the contract, he/she/they can always change the code. Even if the contract has been verified. So an extra security step would be to check the contract ownership. Edited to add this: you get listed on Poocoin by providing liquidity to their Poocoin...
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