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  1. zippi101

    Looking to Hire Someone Who Knows How To Mass Report FB Pages & Ads

    There's some thieves in our space who rip off our advertising work. We want them taken down. I'm looking to hire someone with 100 FB Accounts or something who can mass report ads & pages to facebook. DM me if that's you. Thanks
  2. zippi101

    Looking for Aged PVA FB Accounts

    Looking for Aged PVA FB Accounts Please PM me. Need them to already have friends. some engagement and aged. Also need them in Cookie form. Thanks!
  3. zippi101

    Need FB Bot That Simulates Normal User Activity

    Hey, I'm looking for a bot that can simulate a normal users activity. Just need it to log into the account once per day, scroll around in the account, make a post, like some comments and log out. Any one have any ideas? Will buy or hire. Thanks
  4. zippi101

    Let's Liven up the PPV section

    About to launch my second CPL offer on a few networks and I just started PPV with Traffic Vance to test the LP and different copy angles. Helpful thread. Last time I tried with LeadImpact was over 2 years ago!
  5. zippi101

    Google+ Comment Bot?

    Atleast say "no" if you haven't heard of it. Thanks!
  6. zippi101

    Google+ Comment Bot?

    Hey, I've been doing alot of research for the past 2 hours but I haven't found anything. I'm looking for a bot that can take 20 or so Google+ Accounts w/ proxies, and comment on a Google+ post I placed on a seprate account. You know, too make it look like my Google+ post has like 20 comments...
  7. zippi101

    **Videos Being Removed and Re-uploaded*** [WTH!!]??

    F*ck me! I just had a video ranking #1 for a 301,000/mo kw get taken down this morning. lol Damn I was making money with that thing. I gotta figure out where I went wrong with this. Tomorrow that graph will show my video to be non existent...
  8. zippi101

    Is yt commander working?

    no man its not even working and the guy won't even get back too me...
  9. zippi101

    BOOKMARK HERO - Social Bookmarks at RESELLER PRICE - 2$ and 3$ With Free Drip Feed!

    Thats it im done for today. This is my third order lol ORDER# P3-002175 Good night
  10. zippi101

    BOOKMARK HERO - Social Bookmarks at RESELLER PRICE - 2$ and 3$ With Free Drip Feed!

    Just added another one back to back! THanks ORDER# P3-002173
  11. zippi101

    BOOKMARK HERO - Social Bookmarks at RESELLER PRICE - 2$ and 3$ With Free Drip Feed!

    600 social bookmarks coming in HOT!!! WOOOOT ORDER# P3-002172
  12. zippi101

    [GET] Giant List of Affiliate Marketing Resources

    Ahhh Hell yeah this is tight!
  13. zippi101

    My Method to $16000+ a month! :)

    Alright people calm down. It's obvious that this is blatant fraud. I'm pretty sure it might be illegal also, and i doubt this is the first time big CPA networks have had to deal with members trying to cheap the system. HOWEVER, There is no arguing that we are all curious as too what the hell...
  14. zippi101

    [GET] Creating High Profit Information Products - Master Course - Bob Serling

    I think all of the links are down ): I couldnt find any that work
  15. zippi101

    It's A Boy!

    Congrats! Put it on any LP's you have! Baby's boost conversions all day long!!!!!!!! :D
  16. zippi101

    S4 Or iPhone 5 [vote now]

    Was in mobile app development for a while. Had myself a iPhone 4. Got myself a Galaxy S3, them moved to an iPhone 5. iPhone 5 was the best all day long (: Actually. iPhone 5 Jailbroken with 6.1.3 and the Accelerate mod installed. That is the best phone on earth.
  17. zippi101

    Laws w/ Bashing On Competitors?

    Thanks, and Its called using a "Us-Versus-them" storytelling method for selling products (testing services) online. It has nothing to do with a companies value (someones grumpy), its just a proven and famous marketing strategy thats worked time and time again to build trust, maneuver a...
  18. zippi101

    Laws w/ Bashing On Competitors?

    Hey, Im thinking about doing a sales video using the "us vs. them" storyline approach and wanted to know if anyone had any information about the laws of that sort of thing? Am I allowed to use a specific company's name to portray them as evil corporations while delivering actual reviews around...
  19. zippi101

    San Diego Facebook Marketing Group!

    Yes, I found that thread, but it didn't really answer any of the problems since its much easier to network on FB. And I didn't want other people to have to scroll all the way down to find it. (:
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