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  1. Sittingduck

    My first try to make SEO easier and share something useful with all of you

    Thanks so much! Definitely going to give this a try!
  2. Sittingduck

    What is the maximum amount a faceless YouTube channel can make?

    Yeah i think this depends on your niche and content, but there are tons of faceless channels making big money
  3. Sittingduck

    Adding Content To Existing Posts

    I agree 150 is way to little content. Definitely add more at least 300 words minimum for your content to start to rank better.
  4. Sittingduck

    Always embed YouTube videos to your blog posts

    Interesting, but i would keep testing this, may not be from the video itself. I think long term its a great idea, but i do not know if you got views by just adding a video to your post. i could also be wrong, but this is a tough one
  5. Sittingduck

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to BHW! Read all you can here and you can be successful!
  6. Sittingduck

    Hello friends

    Welcome to BHW! May your journey here be a great one
  7. Sittingduck

    Now I will tell how my wealth that I had acquired illegally was melted

    Well dude, i guess lesson learned. Now rather go straight and work hard to get back to a decent position in life. Then when you are there, start doing some charity work to start to make up for all the crap you caused to other people. You need to fix your Karma!
  8. Sittingduck

    Hi BHW!

    Welcome and good luck on your journey!
  9. Sittingduck

    How to earn money online

    There is alot of info here on porn start ups. Go have a look in the forum. Porn is a very competitive place to be in right now, as there are so many doing it, you have to be unique and have an edge over the rest to be successful. Good luck on your journey.
  10. Sittingduck

    Good day ladies and gentlemen

    Welcome to BHW and i hope you have a wonderful time here
  11. Sittingduck

    The New Gal :)

    Welcome to the BHW family! May your journey be fun and prosperous!
  12. Sittingduck

    [YouTube Journey] To make $2000/month with new channel (Already started)

    Wow you are doing an insanely awesome job! i wish i had stats like that on my channel. I may need to rethink this completely
  13. Sittingduck


    This post is confusing man. Are you promoting your services? Or boasting how many followers you are getting on your accounts?
  14. Sittingduck


    Nice accident or on purpose? But anyways, welcome to the family!
  15. Sittingduck

    How can I create and manage 50-100 Instagram profiles?

    If you can get yourself a copy of Jarvee then it can do it for you, but you will still need proxies. And remember to warm up your accounts, otherwise they will ban you quickly.
  16. Sittingduck

    How does instagram make money?

    You can promote affiliate offers on your page, or create a website selling things with a shop in instagram or you can sell shoutouts. There are many ways to make money with a decent Instagram account.
  17. Sittingduck


    Welcome man and yes with some good thinking and fresh ideas, this is the place that will show you the fundamentals of making money online
  18. Sittingduck

    Two useful AI browser extensions to save your time.

    Tried and its quite useful. Thanks man
  19. Sittingduck

    Hi, I'm new here!

    Welcome mate! Hope you have a prosperous and fun time here
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