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    Good article spinner (attn Mac users!)

    This is a good business model, beside the owner of the site keep ALL articles (and could spin as well), also build a huge list of webmasters sorted by niche.
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    Michael Jackson Alive?

    the point here is monetize the buzz about this like "content locked" ;) or building a mailing with "receive the second video (uncensored) on your email yada yada yada)... just use imagination
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    Michael Jackson Alive? "Could the King of Pop be alive? (YouTube Video) There was Elvis, then 2Pac Shakur and now there's Michael Jackson. When the tragic news of Michael Jackson's death dropped, many people didn't believe it. Like the Willy Wonka of...
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    how to display ads based on content or tags?

    still looking, anyone could help?
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    how to display ads based on content or tags?

    trapmuzik, if you dont have nothing to make this topic better dont reply, last 2 posts you made is #$%%"%, I dont care if you dont know, just dont waste my time and others time filling a help request post with bullshit.
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    how to display ads based on content or tags?

    still looking for a plugin, anyone could help?
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    how to display ads based on content or tags?

    What i real need is from general ads, and who say ads say php code
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    how to display ads based on content or tags?

    Thanks, i know openads, but what i want its a plugin to wordpress.
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    how to display ads based on content or tags?

    Hi friends, I need a plugin where some ad only appear if a certain tag or keyword is on content. Example: my content A have the tag cars and my content B have the tag house I want to display advert "green cars" only on content A and not on content B. Any plugin ou there to do this?
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    100$ Coupon Facebook still working?

    there you are: I dont know if still works...
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    How long to wait after ordering dedi server.

    that depends where you order, usually its 48h. but as i say depends, some datacenters have servers ready on 2h, other 1 week... the best way is send a polite email asking when server will be ready
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    The GREATEST Prank Call Ever! This is very good, enjoy mates..
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    Suprising letter from the ewhore?

    caution, you could be jailed for blackmail people...
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    What to do with **********

    create a job board ( a free one), you will get massive target contacts and the site could run on auto-pilot. You can also send ads on daily job march mail. you can also create a freelancer site or someting related to gambling, its a very good domain to do a lot of stuff I also owned a similar...
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    to much money for a single player, womens and drugs will take the player in 1,2 years...
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    Help with this domain name I own,

    you already try a nike shoe model?
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    If you have a VPS with HyperVm READ this

    Short version: The creator and developer hangs himself and the software have big exploits... The Long Story:
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    I gots 60 bills to spend....!?

    buy some beers, sit on front of PC, register one domain, signup for a hosting package, do some work, read BHW, repeat. with $60 no big deal to do beside buy hosting, domain and some beers....
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    CPA Section 50 Posts + 30 days?

    why not post a new rule on BHW, any AM or company who is on forum without inform admins need to pay $1000 per day/access? On this base company's will run on a legal agreement and risk pay or jail. The rule can also be extended to "someone delegated to do something on behalf of company"
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    a new secttion like mini vip

    $97 anyone could make in minutes... (if not you dont have value to jr VIP community). Remember you will not just pay, you need to have quality and give something to bhw otherwise Jr. VIP will be just "one more section" of forum...
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