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  1. Vampirion

    Giving away FB Ad Method (works extremely well)

    How much did u spend on these ads? Only that $40? 100% stricter in that vertical. I run a ton of weight loss.
  2. Vampirion

    Giving away FB Ad Method (works extremely well)

    Use a paid cloaker then
  3. Vampirion

    Using IM to get laid

    Why use Tinder, why not use a lead form ad and segment the audience by single females. Also splittest audiences, try recently divorced or it's complicated, could have higher conversion rates but would require a slightly different funnel probably.
  4. Vampirion

    facebook check identity problem

  5. Vampirion

    Facebook has shut down 5.4 billion fake accounts this year

    Especially since 2 months or so FB has been banning ad accounts everywhere, no matter if it's WH or BH. So that theory u have there is false. The reason u keep seeing shady ads is because some people run on 100s of ad accs at the same time, it's just a numbers game. FB keeps growing by insane...
  6. Vampirion

    facebook check identity problem

    Verify your account
  7. Vampirion

    Giving away FB Ad Method (works extremely well)

    Have you ever tested doing this with traffic or conversion objectives? That generally get's a way lower CPA.
  8. Vampirion

    Strange facebook Ads Reviewers - Got my account back

    Nice try mate but that's not how their review process generally works. I am pretty sure they randomize things at the backend to ensure no one can bribe reviewers to get their accounts through.
  9. Vampirion

    Facebook getting strict this week?

    Historically last week of September is horrible. Been shitty for 2 weeks now, account bans everywhere, both WH and BH. FB has a ton of bugs that they have to fix soon as Q4 is where most advertising money gets spent. We see 15% overspend on some accounts, some reporting on accounts is fucked to...
  10. Vampirion

    how to fuck when you don't have your own place?

    Rent a big white van, it seems to work for pedo's. (Just switch the candy for a bottle of wine) Always take what's working in other verticals and use it in yours.
  11. Vampirion

    [] Facebook Cloud Accounts | All GEO's | From 149$+

    Price is well under general market price. Reviews are mostly from new users. Poster account is also relatively new. Seems too sketchy for me, anyone with a great reputation can review this? Proceed with caution guys
  12. Vampirion

    The super immoral technique from hell to make a shit-ton of money promoting online casinos

    With RevShare it's more longterm, CPA is a one time payment. With RevShare they just lure your guy to another casino website of them, then they don't have to payout the rev share anymore. With CPA they pay upon FTD. They can still scrub some conversions for sure but that's why you must always...
  13. Vampirion

    ★ What it's Like To Live With $10,000,000+

    I agree it's a lot tougher but there are ways, life is unfair and people being born in those slums have a very tough time ever getting out of there. But it's possible. Leaving the country is probably one of only the ways, as most of these countries are like this because of the massive corruption...
  14. Vampirion

    ★ What it's Like To Live With $10,000,000+

    This may be an unpopular opinion but you need poor people in order to have rich people. It's simply how this economy works. Being born poor isn't a choice, dying poor is. The problem is when people start to earn the big $$$ they start to up their monthly expenses too. Right now you might be...
  15. Vampirion

    What do you regret most in your life?

    I regret paying taxes.
  16. Vampirion

    Facebook Video Ad Breaks stuck under review for days

    In order to push it thru review I just dupe it after 48hrs. Somehow it will then get both of them approved within the next hours.
  17. Vampirion

    The super immoral technique from hell to make a shit-ton of money promoting online casinos

    I can hook you up with the correct casinos, depends what GEO. I am in touch with a couple big players in this industry. Depending on the GEO you would be looking at $15 CPL or $120+ CPA, no RevShare deals (RevShare sucks anyways, as casino's have shady techniques to never pay the correct...
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