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    RIP Pofecker

    Had no dealings with the man, but sad to see him pass. Always enjoyed seeing those Approved by Pofecker threads. RIP.
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    [Free] PR-9 EDU Profile Backlink For All BHW Member's

    Count me in too - and thanks in advance.
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    Which is best effective link building method??

    Senukex will basically take care of most of your link building needs. Easy to drip feed to newer sites or blast away to aged domains. There are also many diverse link building services on offer here, at competitive prices, and I personally find doing a good mix of those tends to work well.
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    Anybody using No Hands SEO?

    Heh - thats great to hear, on both accounts! I'll finish this beer and get straight to sleep! And it's always a good sign when guys like you are so quick to help and answer questions, so I'm looking forward to putting this to good use.
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    Anybody using No Hands SEO?

    Amazingly, even after drinking until 1.45am UK time, I had the presence of mind to read through 8 pages of comments and buy the software with the BHW discount, so many thanks for providing that! I will install it later in the morning if I remember I bought it! I did read I think that you can...
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    [LINK JOOS V2.0]-Crush Your Competitors With Our All-In-One SEO Package - Amazing Results!

    Professional package ordered. I used your services back when it first started and remember being very impressed, so glad I came across this thread again! Good to see you doing so well. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 1UV823780U2171232.
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    The Silver Box - Advanced Scrapebox Guide BHW LP Edition - Admin & Mod reviews

    Just purchased - should keep me busy for a bit. My scrapebox has been sitting idle for a while so maybe this will motivate me to get it up and running.
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    **Get real boost in search engine rankings, 7000+ live backlinks from all unique domains**

    REVIEW Great service - does exactly what it says on the tin! Over delivered, and links look fine. For the price, why would you not jump in?
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    **Get real boost in search engine rankings, 7000+ live backlinks from all unique domains**

    Order placed 3rd May but I see there is some delay in sending out the reports. No worries, just update me please when its done.
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    **Get real boost in search engine rankings, 7000+ live backlinks from all unique domains**

    I'll have a piece of that, thank you very much. Payment sent: 4DY86177XH2659744
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    Highest Quality - PR5-7 Profile Backlinks Only = 300 backlinks+Ping+Bookmark=$15>ReviewNow

    Took a Yahoo pack to test it out. Some great reviews, so no doubt will follow this up with a Profile Pack 5 - gotta love those profile links!
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    Automated LinkPushing Service! Next Generation SEO! Coupons Available!

    Yep - seemed to good to pass. 20 linkpush sounds good - Recurring Payment Sent (ID Number0PN04331X9908314J) I think what sets this service apart from many others is the excellent communication provided. And looking at the posts so far, Greg seems to go the extra mile to genuinely help us get...
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    92 .edu froums - 19 .gov forums - 29 .edu wiki pages

    I'll send you a pm BigBoris.
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    Get your own Powerful EDU blog at PR8 University in the US!

    I'm interested in this, but obviously Guaji's problem looks all too familiar with this type of blog. Is anyone else running theirs ok? PM me please with details smartalex4.
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    The Most Comprehensive SEO Packages Ever Offered on BHW!

    REVIEW Platinum pakage ordered. Professional, quality service from a knowledgeable and courteous provider. Reporting was as detailed as I have seen here or elsewhere, and communication was very good. Articles, profiles etc where they should be. Was a pleasure doing business and would be happy...
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    Get Thousands of INSTANT backlinks - - Linkbuilding Service

    Got my report last night after only a few days - job well done. Ordered 30,000 links which were over-delivered. Checked a whole bunch of random ones and they were all there. Great service, and as you can see by the thread - great communication too. Would not hesitate to recommend and will use...
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    Get Thousands of INSTANT backlinks - - Linkbuilding Service

    Sounds good! Payment for Alpha made Unique Transaction ID #4LR814079S3361700 Would be a bonus for no adult links, but don't think scrapebox can filter these? No worries - a links a link!
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    Backlinks Bomb! Tens of Thousands of Links From $20 - GUARANTEED Overdelivery

    REVIEW Excellent communication and delivered within a few days. Ordered 20,000 forum profiles (which were over delivered by 2000+) and a 40,000 scrapebox blast (over delivered by 16,000+). It's great doing business with this guy, and when my other sites need a kick then I'll be sure to use his...
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    Backlinks Bomb! Tens of Thousands of Links From $20 - GUARANTEED Overdelivery

    10,000 unique forum profiles with your link ? $30 Saw this advertised on your site and was wondering if this is available, as I didn't see a buy now button. If so, drop me a pm with what you need and I'll get it started.
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