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    Crawl setting on Follow Liker

    I just see this new option on follow liker i want to know if you guys are using it. How you use it? i dont understand how it work be it look like a good option.
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    Periscope Bot

    i need a bot too. to get heart, audience followers
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    Best Instagram Skype Group - 45 Members LF MORE!

    skype: andrexdx
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    IG Accounts Not Found

    Nevermind I just changed the link from 3 accounts with 6 mounths old, with 20k followers each, and all the 3 asked for phone, i used google voice, like i use on my 50 accounts and the 3 accounts got ban.
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    Google Voice Dont Work Anymore?

    3 of my accounts with 20k followers asked for phone verification today. I use Google Voice, got the code, but when i used the code, my accounts got banned. Lost 3 good accounts.
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    Checkpoints : 25k - 50k - 100k -> Lets do it.

    You could Sell, but your Engagement will drecrease a little. But dont lose time i dont know for how much time instagram will be this good.
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    FL Error Wizard

    Stop the follower liker tham do the change. I got this problem when i try change setting when the bot is running.
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    £2500 To Spend to go from 30k - 250k. Is it possible?

    you can with this budget. You need find some partner. The better way to grow is found good accounts like 500k followers, and propose to make a raffle together. A friend of mine got 30k follower just from 1 raffle together with a 500k account.
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    Followliker strategy - Has it been done before?

    I Done it on my first account. Got 1.5k follower a day. But one day all accounts got banned. I have ecommerce too, and have better ways to get traffic to my website
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    Temporary Like Ban

    I running 50 accounts from 4 months. Today a lot of my accounts got temp ban from like. Have someone have this problem today? Last response code: 400 -> feedback_required Can't like post. This post can't be liked right now. Try again in a minute or tell us if you think we made a mistake. We...
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    How to make pictures look unique to Instagram?

    make many photos with different names, my pictures i use like this name, aa1,aa2,aa3,aa4,aa5..... Post in time diferents, mass planner you can schedule the time to post picture on instagram.
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    How Do I post Duplicate picture with Followliker?

    better make a wizzard for each account
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    IG Free Shoutout Exchange Group - Min 2k followers. (KIK)

    If have someone from Brazil PM Me, i just need folowers from Brazil.
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    Facebook Pvas/Non Pvas Account For Sale

    The password off all my accounts was changed. He give back the money i spend buying.
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    Facebook pva- gmail pva- twitter google plus pva- google voice pva high quality accounts

    Still the same price? Do you have this accounts to sell? Do you have pinterest accounts? Per 25 twitter accounts $2 Per 10 usa pva google voice accounts $5 Per 50 usa pva gmail accounts $10 Per 40 usa pva google plus accounts $10
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    I am Bot Creator, Send Your Reasonable Ideas for tools

    I want a bot, that scrap email from instagram comments. All my clientes leave they email on my instagram asking for budget. All profile in my niche have a lot of emails on comments. If i can scrap this emails i can make a lot of money, is from real clients with great potencial.
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    Need Instagram Email Scrap

    In my Niche, my clients give the email on comments, asking for budget. I want a program that scrap the email that people leave on comments. I dont want get private email, just the give email. I taking it by hand, aready get 200, i will make a mailchimp account to sell my products. This is the...
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