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    Q : Tracking Insta DMs

    I have few aged accounts where i send messages to my followers on daily basis up to 50 per day as per safe limits Now manually sending can be exhausting, specifically when i want to know who already received a message and who didn't. Is there a way to track this?
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    Looking for Whatsapp bot

    Anybody knows of a funcional Whatsapp bot that scrapes numbers and bulk sends messages?
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    Instagram Mass DM | Telegram Mass DM Provider - JUSTBULKDMS.COM

    I have received a test order of 1000 Instagram DMs and the order was delivered smoothly with a detailed report. Recommended service!
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    Q: How to utilize a 25k tikok

    Trying to find the best way to utilize my 25k tiktok account in the area of tourism, I've put a link to the website, a link to the instagram account but the CTR is barely 1%. How do you turn those scrollers into potential leads?
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    facebook ads error (#2446166) Ad targeting does not match

    So i have a new page for my business and was making a messanger engagement ad and whenever i try to publish it gives me this error Ad targeting does not match (#2446166) I searched and got the idea that it has to be related to the page's post location and language, but my page doesn't have...
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    how to monetise tiktok 10k

    So the a tiktok account was growing fairly well to 10k in 2 months where the counterpart on insta only reached 2k in the same duration. It's about a touristic place only showing the famous places to visit for tourists. There are basic throughts about how to monetise it, but i'd like to hear...
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    No youtube channel visibility for 2 months!

    reuploaded and edited by canva and capcut
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    No youtube channel visibility for 2 months!

    I removed that restriction to be made for kids now, but i don't know if that was the reason. there are couple videos who got over 1000 views and yielded like 8 subscribers but it didn't happen again. Now i'm testing without the "made for kids" option.. maybe that's the reason
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    No youtube channel visibility for 2 months!

    Here's a screenshot of the results
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    No youtube channel visibility for 2 months!

    So i created a youtube channel about tourism in my country which i already have other social medias growing well in the same niche, Posted shorts once or twice a day for two months already and all videos have 0 views. Was testing the phrase "consistency is key" with this but it doesn't seem to...
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    Small brand problems

    Hello, i've a small children clothing brand in cairo egypt and since last summer ive been doing fb messenger campaigns but the ROI is really off target. Ive around 2k page likes and 1.5k instagram followers with almost zero interaction on the posts, taken into consideration that they all came...
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    How to allow certain countries traffic through my link

    So basically the idea i have in mind is to send some traffic from instagram pages to a new one, but only the us/uk traffic should be able to go through that link in order for my followers base to be from USA. Any simple ways i can shorten my instagram account link while allowing only usa/uk...
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    [AMA] Banking on Instagram

    My question would be, How do you "manually" manage client instagram accounts if they are 10+ with each one of them running on a different proxy. A bot won't be sufficient to edit everything. Thank you
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    SMM Panel | INSTANTSMO | Ig Likes & views $0.01, followers $0.35, fb likes $0.7,Yt views $0.4 & More

    Hello I could not find sunil00021 on Skype, can I get $1 and activate paypal on username majik ?
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    [METHOD] Make money using panels

    bot likes are not really helpful
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    28k!! I made it with Shopify!

    Private labeling is the shit! way to go brah
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