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  1. axcer


    Absolutely horrible experience. Its been more than 24hrs since I paid but I have neither receied the VPS details nor the refund. Its still showing as "pending". I've opened a support ticket as well - I'd like to get a refund please.
  2. axcer

    [Giveaway] Free BulletProof Hosting - cPanel Included

    BulletProof Hosting
  3. axcer

    How to connect Payoneer bank account to PayPal

    It used to work in the past but I've heard complaints here and there that it does not work anymore.
  4. axcer

    [METHOD] How to get Netflix 4K cheap and renewable for $ 10 for 2 months

    Where... Can you provide a link to the seller?
  5. axcer

    [FREE] Canva for Education Account for active members

    Interested in this giveaway.
  6. axcer

    Learning Web Development & Launching a SaaS in 50 days

    Congrats and best of luck!
  7. axcer

    HostGnome - US & EU ✅ 10Gbps ✅ Anonymous ✅ SEO Tools ✅ NVMe SSD ✅cPanel/Linux/Windows >> $3.99 << ➡️

    I received a review copy of Windows VPS. Its my first experience using Windows VPS and everything went smooth - didn't notice any downtime and a swift performance. I used it as my 2nd laptop for installing some software and research jobs . I also received a review copy of cPanel webhosting. I...
  8. axcer

    Earn Passive Income With Automated News Website ★ 50% OFF ★

    Can you please send some sample websites?
  9. axcer

    [FREE REVIEW COPIES] - cPanel hosting, Windows VPS & Linux VPS

    Offer 3 please For some work I was recommended to use Windows VPS but I've not used this before. I hope this free trial will help me to understand the system as well as have idea about the service you are providing.
  10. axcer

    [AMA] Ask Me Anything About WordPress 2020

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
  11. axcer

    [AMA] Ask Me Anything About WordPress 2020

    Thanks a lot for this thread. Something related to Woocommerce - Not sure if you can help. A client came to me asking for a solution some time ago but I didn't have the solution. The client runs a Woocommerce website which has 15-20k completed orders. What can be done to optimize the database as...
  12. axcer

    59 Chinese Apps Banned in India including TIKTOK

    I think this is only happening due to some conflict going on between China and India. This is going to be a temporary ban I guess - How can such 2 big neighboring countries keep on fighting for one thing and the other.
  13. axcer

    59 Chinese Apps Banned in India including TIKTOK

    Why only TikTok... Facebook, Insta, Youtube, Reddit - These all can be a time waster if not used under the limit.
  14. axcer

    Nulled themes & plugins question

    If someone is just starting, then its OK to use those stuffs but one has to understand that he is possibly leaving one more hole in the security department. Not everyone has 'trusted source' for nulled stuff as well. You proudly say you've using nulled stuff since decades... Any...
  15. axcer

    Nulled themes & plugins question

    If you are serious about the project, how can you think of allowing one more chance of getting the project ruined due to malicious codes? (Not saying licensed products are 100% protected from any vulnerability) Theme/plugins lest say cost $50 - In case site gets hacked, it'll cost you three...
  16. axcer

    Professional SOCCER player

    Create a website with the Football news (starting with local) and create Youtube channel - post match reviews whenever there is a big match (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, UEFA, WorldCup etc). Just saying utilize what you already know.
  17. axcer

    Nulled themes & plugins question

    If you are thinking about nulled theme/plugins, you are not serious about the project!
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