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    VPN recomendation needed

    purevpn it is. Does anyone know if they accept gift cards (visa or mastercard)? Thanks everyone! Edit: Also, to websites like google and paypal, will I look like a regular (home) user or like someone using a vpn?
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    VPN recomendation needed

    I need a US based VPN provider (US ip). I must be able to sign up for Paypal using it. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance.
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    Welcome a new Super Moderator

    Congratulations! The mod team is getting better and better!
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    Make a regular monthly paycheck with this offline method! 100% guarantee

    Good one! Any way to outsource and scale up? :)
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    Hiring a craigslist poster for multiple postings

    A quick way to earn 5 bucks. Just need 5 postings in the detroit jobs section over a period of 5 days. Start as soon as possible. Thanks! You know what, f it. I have a campaign that I want to start that will require about 20 postings per day for about a week in the dating section (w4m). PM...
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    Demonoid registration code request...

    uqdusp7cni3rfm9cim4lk0t4frdlm0s3v4wt04 qxpt8okqje5uaa6t4ocdkuhiavnxcvy3a2mo6av nh6ecjiptfbg56u820fp9h8yzlnv1mj8vqfglk bnlryzscbsdegyno4no9nthy0ns5ts8bpq 5b67r2a4xg905yzeg84s6khydy67j2lad8yas53n
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    50 TemplateP2P invites

    Thanks! Used 03d159c805da17382b48546d6b1827e907a5c4e2
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    Life Changing Decision ?

    Forget the wife, take care of the car first!
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    NOOBS: Get Paid $50+/hr Ez Offline Marketing

    Thank you for an informative post. I will implement it with conjunction of the "free website" plan. @the giant midget You don't have time to read, but time to post?
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    Rivaclick invitations [5]

    Lol. In their top 20 webmasters the #3 is "Illusion of traffic". Another blackhatter?
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    How to make a torrent go viral

    Make the titles and the description as interesting as possible. Make the people feel like they will miss something if they don't download it.
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    === Guaranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable, you can slap if you it doesn't :) ===

    Mix of all three. Tried all of them for about 2 days each.
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    === Guaranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable, you can slap if you it doesn't :) ===

    Here is what happened when I tried the method. Uploaded 5 different ebooks. 1 got banned from mininova and piratebay, but is still on the other search engines. Total downloads JUST FROM ME - 10700. The 4 others have been downloaded less than 1000 times put together (from me). I don't...
  14. P invitation

    I have no more invites. Pls don't PM me. Thanks.
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    Freelance Writing Job - very cheap - FLOOR PRICE

    Please pm me. I'm interested.
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    Stupid noob question.

    Lol.. I shouldn't post and copy+paste when I drink. whitehat.c0m But seriously... Have any of you tried this? Will it work? I'm going to try it as soon as I finish the whiteHAT part of my SEO.
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    Need someone to review my aff landing page

    Thank you for the honest review justthinking! Will implement your advice also. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner (signed up for BHW in Feb08!)
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    Need someone to review my aff landing page

    Thank you AffGuy08 for your review! I will definitely be implementing your suggestions as soon as possible. Thanks again. I love BHW!
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    Need someone to review my aff landing page

    I would appreciate if someone that is knowledgeable about affiliate landing pages would review the site I just made. Took me 4 hours (I know, total noob) to create a website with a few pages. PM me for the URL. THANK YOU in advance!
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    Stupid noob question.

    I have a question that may seem stupid to some, but I will ask anyway. Lets say you have a white hat site. whitehate.c0m You want to create some cloaked pages on another domain cloaked.c0m Now, if you just redirect the cloaked page to your whitehat site, search engines would be able to tell...
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