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  1. hip_hop_x

    Earn $1000-10000/per month with Super Easy To Rank ILLUMINATI KEYWORDS ~ FREE Samples!

    Do you have any samples for Amazon in the sports/tech niche? I want to see how long it will take me to rank and if it works fine.
  2. hip_hop_x

    [Home Page Article Links] 100% Unique Content | DA and TF will be up-to 25 | Limited OBL

    Order: #29R43409NG075583P Waiting for info :)
  3. hip_hop_x

    [BLOG-O-REAL] High DA 40+ << Outreached Guest Blogs >> Clean Backlink History ★ Zero PBN ★

    I just ordered and received a review discount. Waiting to see how the website will rank over the next month.
  4. hip_hop_x

    Made 92$ in two days and now...

    Money was never a good source of motivation for me, usually I get lazy on it. What actually motivated me was passive income, to be able to pay bills passive, to pay for a house mortgage passive... freedom was a good motivation for me. Think hard what do you desire, set some milestone to reach...
  5. hip_hop_x


    Just ordered, I'll be waiting for delivery. My order is ORDER# H-08
  6. hip_hop_x

    Fresh & Fast Public Proxy List - Over 370.000 Proxies are Scanned Daily by

    Really sorry guys. The new owner isn't responding and it isn't me. I suggest to use the contact form in the website and if he doesn't respond file for paypal refund. I will ask the OP to close this thread as I cannot do any changes to the site anymore. If there are still problems with the...
  7. hip_hop_x

    Skyul SEO Cloud - All your favorite SEO tools into one place

    Hi, I double checked and there was nothing paid. Moreover, we don't even offer $2 trial for seo skyul. Thanks.
  8. hip_hop_x

    Fresh & Fast Public Proxy List - Over 370.000 Proxies are Scanned Daily by

    Hello, Sorry for the delay, there is a new owner for this product and in the merge, there was some delay. I have asked him to follow up to all customers. All of the customers will be contacted and the api keys will be given. The service is still available and running.
  9. hip_hop_x

    Switching to https worth it?

    It's not going to be a big improvements, another factor is that https is slower than http... In my experience this won't be a big improvement, neither for server resources ( extra costs ), and it's nothing close to seo
  10. hip_hop_x - 1 month old ranking page 1 for "watch movies online" without content

    This is interesting, why It is ranking so high ?
  11. hip_hop_x

    Quiz Site Journey by mosh

    Here's a twist to have in mind, I haven't tested this but I'm sure that this may work well with cpv due to really cheap traffic. Test it out and let us know the results :)
  12. hip_hop_x

    What the bugger has happend to my site??!!

    Inspect the page loading for your users, see where it lacks and improve that first. It will be a boost for you and your visitors. As the other mentioned look for your content in the other pages and check how many 404 you have ( you can check them in webmaster tools or from your server logs ).
  13. hip_hop_x

    What are some quality expired domain marketplaces?

    Take a look into domcop, It will provide all that info from multiple markets.
  14. hip_hop_x

    How to increase my keywords ranking in SERP?

    What I usually like to do as a quick win is to create 2-3 other internal articles which are pointing to my main page. This organic, easy to do and usually get's me where I need to + some external links.\ It all depends on your competition after all :) and on your budget + time.
  15. hip_hop_x

    I own 42 Material possessions. I’m a Minimalist, and It’s Motivational

    It depends on how you plan to live your life, I have some minimal material possessions as well, but I'm also trying to live quite decent. I shifted from buying useless stuff to what makes sense in my life such as economic/business books and have a long term effect.
  16. hip_hop_x

    I want to marry in 12 Months, i need 20.000 USD for it, i will do it !

    I don't want to be harsh, but why the heck would you go with IM if you don't have experience instead of getting hired which will have a higher accuracy? A web designer in Germany can get a 2k-3k salary pretty easy if yo have some experience. If you won't make it in IM you won't just fuck...
  17. hip_hop_x

    Fresh & Fast Public Proxy List - Over 370.000 Proxies are Scanned Daily by

    When you open up the website you can see the free trial in the top left corner. I also sent you a message with the link.
  18. hip_hop_x

    Are random backlinks worth of buying?

    If you want to get random links, at least make sure that they aren't spammy. Check out how many external links that website may have.
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