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    My journey to $10000/mo as a Webhosting Company.

    I don't think more updates are's been since 2021.
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    Journey to $1500/Month With KDP, Apple iBooks and more Before 31 March 2024

    KDP is so new to me...I'm definitely following .
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    [Journeys] Sold my $4.2m revenue agency. Starting an Affiliate Media Company with a clear exit strategy targeting $900k 2026/2027.

    Why the exit in 2026/2027...why not grow the company, and exit for a bigger payday (8 figures) ?
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    Journey to 1M network of IG babe pages

    When do you plan on going from managing by hand to an automated process?
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    [CRYPTO JOURNEY] From $5.000 to $264.789 in 2024

    Since the ETF didn't get much of a reactional impact, have you change your strategy or outlook ?
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    My Realistic Journey to $10k/pm [OnlyFans Management Agency]

    Do you promote them more thru Instagram, TikTok or YouTube? Which one of these channels are you having better results?
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    [JOURNEY] Using my knowledge to try Faceless channels

    Are you having more success with the shorts or regular videos ?
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    [Journey] Building an adult AI influencer

    do you find the end results by foocus realistic enough? Did you get comments by people who recognized the videos as AI, or do theyt think it's real ?
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    Making money selling Porntubes(Trying to reach $1500 per month)

    which markets do you normally sell them on?
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    [Journey] Building a private mass dm network again

    Definitely following. Any updates my friend. Why did you quit your old bot network in the past, was it due to cost, or competition, or ect ?
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    Journey to Find a Good Expired Domain for Money Site

    Is your method still efficient in today's environement ?
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    [Journey] Growing a SMM panel from scratch [my first business]

    Have you receive Youtube oders? How has been your delivery of views, likes, ect, ...on a consistent basis ?
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    [My Journey] From 921 to 100K Subscribers

    I hope you haven't given up ...any updates my friend?
  14. M - Premium Residential Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth

    Hi, May I have a free trial please? Thank you.
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    [Journey] Build a cold email system that can send 1M messages a day from scratch

    thanks so much mate... this is quality value there!
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    [Journey] Scaling 3 Websites to 30K Visitors a Month Each

    hopefully, you haven't given up on this journey...any updates?
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    Are most BHW members scared of AI?

    Well...AI spooks folks for many reasons. Firstly....the worry it'll boot humans out. Understandable, given how ChatGPT here seems more like a job-eater than a job-maker, right?
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    [Journey] Getting to $100/day with free AI art generation ◀️

    Seriously inspiring! Keep crushing it, mate!!
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