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    Caught CB Vendor Shaving

    if you still want to promote his products, i think the best way is to bypass the hoplink. go directly to the checkout page. in this case: hxxp:// or hxxp://
  2. D – CPA Network, specializing on nutra, finance, adult & dating niches ...

    recently registered. looking forward to promote your nutra offers skype: ignatio301 thankyou
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    Clickbank Update With Screen shots

    right now, many of them are with jvzoo, click2sell, etc. i think it's not wise for us (affiliates) to move away from CB completely. IMO... CB is still a good place to make money. just register with jvzoo or other platforms, and you can start promoting the products once again
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    The Types of Clickbank Sites That You Should NOT Promote

    i know some of these 'bad vendors' (#2, #4, #5) from my past experiences promoting their stuff. i wonder why CB didn't ban their hoplink?
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    How Old is Everyone?

    I'm 15 years old (@1995) :D
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    Was i right for asking for a refund on clickbank fiver gig

    Pringles is right, if you don't have the control of your site, most likely he will cheating on you, so it is better to ask for refund
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    No hoplink for Clickbank product is that possible?

    as far as i know, you must send an application to become perfect publishing system's affiliate. hope that helps p.s: i'm not related to this vendor
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    Favorite British Bands?

    What about this: My Daddy was a bankrobber But he never hurt nobody He just loved to live that way And he loved to steal your money THE CLASH - BANK ROBBER
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    Pinterest + Clickbank question

    do you mean banned from pinterest? no, i don't think so. i also have a pinterest acc (4 months) to promote CB products. and it still alive. but lets hear what other members say about this.
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    Help me to make my first sale on ClickBank

    oh brother, where is your work ethics? my English is not good and i know nothing when i start my IM journey. took me about 6 months of hard work, trial & error to get my first CB sale and i didn't asked someone to spoonfed me. BHW have tons of great methods. follow one that you like, trial...
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    Clickbank links on Facebook pages?

    Maybe you should take a look on this thread buddy.
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    Hi there

    hello buddy, welcome to BHW :) check the Making Money and Journey sections, you'll find tons of great information btw, are you "AREMANIA"?
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    Twitter won't let me post my Clickbank link!

    you can try url shorteners suggested above (or use domain redirect like mancar said), but if you still want to use, you can try this: your hop link > tinyurl > it works for me
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    Clickbank newbie stats

    maybe you should drive your traffic to a landing page first to capture their name+email, then promote the offer to your list
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    Some CB motivation for newbies like myself

    congratulations brother, you'll reach $100/day soon enough :) i also agree with you and W130SN, mikeisright and Mancar are both CB experts and i'm glad they gave us a lot of great advice here. and to you sir... W130SN, you have my respect :)
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    Clickbank dashboard

    Yeah me too, my traffic goes up but the sales goes down but i'm fine with it :) who knows, maybe next month everything will be back to normal
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    "You've Been Added to a ClickBank Affiliate Whitelist" What does It Means?

    Hi guys, recently i got an email from ClickBank and they said i've been added to the Aff Whitelist by a CB vendor. i've never received email like this before, so i really don't know what it means :D any opinions about this? thanks ~djarum76~
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    Link Cleaner & Anchor Text Analyzer! Custom Coded. Multi Threaded. Blazing Speeds!

    thanks a lot mate, i've been looking for a tool this (to check Dead/Alive Links) and now you give me "the answer". once again, thankyou so much :)
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    New Comer From Indonesia!

    well brother, i think we have 7 stars in our country ==> Raja Ampat :rofl:
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    New Comer From Indonesia!

    nope. i don't like that brand bro :p he will be our president soon :cool:
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