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  1. Patrat

    my new money method - nich esearch engine - what do you think?

    Sorry to burst your bubble but this is old news. This method is many years old. I have methods like this working today and have done for a long time. This all started with the widget method. Which is basically creating google custom search engines and earning money from the ad revenue. I also...
  2. Patrat

    First day with CPA

    You have to understand that just opening at twitter account, gaining lots of followers, then posting affiliate links is not going to get you hard cash. Some reasons why: Why should they trust you? Do they really know you? Why are they following you? Is you offer link related to you/job in...
  3. Patrat

    Diamond Daves "Fair Warning" PM regarding

    Actually I have the first and second volume of Marketing Quickies and they are actually good. Nothing groundbreaking but very useful if your a noob or even if you have a site or product and are looking for new ways, methods, techniques to get traffic, money, affiliates etc.
  4. Patrat

    Swine Flu Widget = Big Bucks

    Right I am giving you this idea as I have no time to do it myself at the moment. I have many widgets that I have built and cashing in from and have some similar to this idea related to other worldwide ongoing illnesses and diseases and it does work. 1) Create a swine flu widget that has the...
  5. Patrat

    IE8 Horror Stories!!

    Yes many horror stories here: 1) IE said I could stay more secure but my house got broken into 2) IE said it could protect me, now I have an STD 3) IE said I could browse more with privacy, but I got arrested for peeping tom charges 4) IE said it made everyday tasks easier, but its still hard...
  6. Patrat

    Monetizing Swine Flu Pandemic

    I recently made a shit load on the back of jade goodys death - very popular in the uk. As it was always in the papers and she had a terminal illness I had time to prepare my plan of attack. At the time the searches where crazy. I cashed in on her products, books, send flowers to the family, her...
  7. Patrat

    $36.00 PER HOUR - tHIS GUYS ROCKS !!!

    What can I get for a $20? Well I suggest a Salad and a gym membership love!
  8. Patrat

    Making money from

    When you get matches you can send messages.
  9. Patrat

    Payday Loans vs. Google Cash CPAs

    I promote both and I can tell you that you will find it easier and see more rewards from promoting google cash. I promote payday loans in local newspapers in the finance section as it is very profitable. Your billboard, voicemail, then email sounds like a lot of hassle. Of course I don't do...
  10. Patrat

    Making money from

    To answer the last few questions: 1) The more you rate other people the more your profile gets exposed. This is why you should use a macro to do rating automatically and just run it for however long you want. This way your profile gets viewed more. 2) Also program a macro for the meet me...
  11. Patrat

    Where to start learning PPC

    As stated above read the ebooks and forums but nothing will learn you more than actually doing it for real. This way you embedd how to do it in your brain and also learn what works for you and your sites, by your mistakes and even come up with new techniques, methods. Start by: 1) Read Ebooks...
  12. Patrat

    Anyone Else Being Shafted by Clickbank?

    Firstly make sure its not a tech issue on your end, your hop link, and check to make sure someone is not stealing or hijacking your hop links. I know how you feel buddy! Yeah there is defo something wrong as maverick money makers is clickbanks 3rd top product and its growing at a silly rate...
  13. Patrat

    Easy Google Profit

    Very lucrative if your promoting them like me, cpa offers normally start at around $20. Very easy to promote and get people to signup and pay $2 trial offer as their easily fooled as you can see as you even fell for the ad? 'Get paid $5 to $30 for every website link that you post on Google'...
  14. Patrat

    sooo anybody want any template monster templates?

    I need a template monster template; Item: #23497 Thanks.
  15. Patrat

    Project CPA 2.0

    This is the same method as 'cpa strike' and the 'irresitible method'. I see a lot of people saying it does not work but it does you just have to find the right markets. It summary the method is: 1) offer people trainning 2) They signup through a form 3) They get welcome email with 3 business...
  16. Patrat

    Making money from

    abhi1 - thats why you use facebook as it does not look like your trying to shove aff links in their face. Its a simple filtering system: hotornot > facebook > website ( > afflinks For example just link your hot or not to facebook and put a subtile link to it in your profile...
  17. Patrat

    Making money from

    As I said you can put links in the profile of the facebook app like hit me up on messenger at ..... then use the chat bots etc to send them to aff links.
  18. Patrat

    Making money from

    I had a massive hot or not operation in place and was banking some serious money and it was all automated. However it all ending when they brought in rules such as no watermark images, no website links in profiles etc. Fake accounts will get banned very quick. They have excellent...
  19. Patrat

    whats the best steaming movie/tv website FREE

    The best ones would have to be: 1) 2) 3) Also check out for a directory/search engine full of related sites.
  20. Patrat

    $5,000 a Month Posting Links

    I cant believe none of you have seen this method before its been around a while. I have been doing it for just over three months. I tried the adwords game with this but there are two many big players with deep pockets. The method working for me at the moment is create lots of the sites using...
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