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    [JV] Want to Repeatedly Make $10? Join Me.

    I also never received payment on paypal after money being taken out of my dynadot account.
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    I need someone with a cj account for jv

    I am looking for someone with a cj account for a jv. This method generally makes 300 per month and we would split the money 50/50. I already have everything set up. My previous account got banned because it got hacked and sent 1000s of spam mails to their support email. Along with your...
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    Is This The End For Xrumer?

    Instead of using xrumer for link building use it for direct promotion. Put a cloaked affiliate link as a reply to the product you are trying to promote. For example say you were promoting smacka brand crack. 1. Put in hrefer "smacka brand crack" harvest a forum list for yourself 2...
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    Guaranteed $10K a month online/offline hybrid method.

    I think this would be easy however most every local search these days pulls up google place pages. Place pages are no longer easy to rank for. Is it still worth it to be at the top of the organic results even if a bunch of place pages are above your website?
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    Best after- Panda black hat SEO tactics

    As far as spinning goes I get 90% at least unique articles by rewriting sentences 3 times and then rewriting phrases within each sentence 5 times. Also spin multiple articles together and vary the number of paragraphs. About 90% of these pages are indexed without backlinks when put on brand...
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    [JV] Want to Repeatedly Make $10? Join Me.

    I am interested in this and have everything set up except waiting on funding to clear to dynadot.
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    Xrumer SEO Services - As cheap as it gets

    I sent a pm about a custom job, but haven't received a reply. I am willing to pay extra and will involve a very small blast. It should be easy for you to do. I'll hear from you soon.
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    Looking for someone with xrumer

    I'm looking for someone who can do a custom xrumer blast. It will include a small gathering process with hrefer and then blasting a specific code to all the forums. You have to know how to make posts with xrumer as replies to existing posts. I am willing to pay 60$ for this job done...
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    Index Image in Google Image?

    Use all tags available. You should be putting your keywords in alt tags, captions, and also in the image name.
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    Full Time IMers - How Do You Maintain Your Social Life ?

    Idk, I outsource that...
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    google vs yahoo

    yea that's how one of mine is if it doesn't start ranking in google then the flipping it idea sounds like a good one as it is a well known and valueable term.
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    google vs yahoo

    I have a few sites that I have been working on for ages and yahoo ranks them #1-3, but in google I hardly even make the first page. Can someone explain the difference between ranking high in google and ranking high in yahoo to me?
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    Script to change people's homepage

    hmmm interesting combine this with clickjacking and you could do it without the users permission
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    10,000 Real& Guaranteed PTC visitors for just $9.99 (adsense safe,improves alexa rank)

    purchased 50k package last night and confirmed my site. Ekta replied that it would start soon, but it's been a day now. Hopefully traffic will start soon as I had to pause all my campaigns.
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    how to get traffic to my porn blog?

    Fill it with porn spam keywords so you get lots of spammers hittin your page. Since pretty much all spamming programs load the page actively in the background and automatically hit ok you can force a download which replaces a certain percentage of the links they send out with yours. Viola you...
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    How to mass mail an entire group

    I have found a large group of a specific niche I'm promoting on myspace. I have tried emailing these people, by hand and also with myspace friend add, but it takes forever. Is there any way to mass mail them all without being the group owner?
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    1000 youtube subscriptions

    I really don't have a clue how much to charge for this, but I guess 20$ for all except diggs which would be more. I could space the amount over time if needed as well.
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    1000 youtube subscriptions

    I am thinking about selling a service that sells youtube subscriptions for very cheap. What do you guys think would be a fair price to charge? I am not selling it quite yet. What is the price of 1000 youtube subscriptions ? 1000 youtube ratings? 1000 diggs? 1000 5 star article ratings...
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    Wordpress blogroll hacking????

    Is there any place to find an updated list of current wordpress exploits other than milworm?
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