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    Kubecoin - What do you think about this Crypto?

    I just heard about this and I think it's using Cardano.
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    Blackhat PPC on Adwords that actually works?

    I agree that Cloaking is not helping to make ads live. Any help or clue for finding some of the tricks to bypass restrictions? (not looking for free help)
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    Cloaking Issue

    I'm using different paid cloackers. The most popular here in this forum.
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    Cloaking Issue

    I tried to find some tools, but I only found tools that help with suggestions of long tail keywords. I would need to see if the keyword I want to check is approved or forbidden before uploading it. Any previous post where I can find this information? Thanks
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    Any idea where is possible to get old adwords accounts? I would be interested in getting them.
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    Cloaking Issue

    How can we identify forbidden keywords? Any recommendation? You mean the ones that are being warned to be forbidden when you are selecting them? This is the only way to identify them? Thanks
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    Cloacker Doubts: How to activate

    Hi I have been cloacking for the last 9 months in ADW with no problems at all. The issue is that I was making some mistakes and I thought everything was under control. I realized I made some mistakes for having the accounts suspended easily at the same time: same content, same design, and same...
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    How to Use Clocker and Which is best for Adword

    Hi Could you please give more details about how to technically switch to the cloaked campaign? Do you have any tips or recommendations? Is it just activating the cloacker or there is something else? I am afraid that when I switch I will get suspended if I don't do it properly, and I don't want...
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    Google adwords suspended for circumventing system?

    Hi Thanks for your comment. It was really helpful. The thing is that I Have been using adwords with cloacker for the last 9 months, and now Im having problems. However I believe I was doing things wrong and now I'm getting better, so I'm optimistic. The only thing I would need is a...
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    Adwords Account Settings for Cloaking

    Hi! I already had success with fem adwords accounts using cloaking, but I can't still have a conclussion about how it should be perfectly done. Some of them get banned quickly. Which is the right settings for the account? I have few questions: 1. It can last longer depending on the country...
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    Need a million installs

    Still looking for installs? In that case please let me know. Thanks
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    anyone here knows about pay per install

    Hi I can provide those 1000 installs you need. Which countries are you interested in? Send me a PM Thanks
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    Need Android and Desktop Pc Installs.

    Hi! I have traffic for Desktop Pc Installs in a global way. Please contact me on PM. Thanks
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    $17,000+ in a Month from PPI

    I represent a big international company, and I have a PPI network, and I can guarantee great earnings for my Publishers. I'm always looking for new Publishers. If you are interested guys, please let me know. Thanks
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    Dirty US Desktop Traffic

    I have dekstop PPI traffic for all countries. Please PM me.
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    Tech Support: Help Require

    Hey I wanna start a Tech Support business. I know there is a niche of money there, and I would like to give it a try. My goal is to get a phone number to make sales, and buy or generate some traffic to have calls. Do you know where I can take the phone number from? Is there any company that...
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    Looking for Offers to Distribute

    Hi to Everyone! People with great experience in this industry has just created a new company specialized in promoting software offers through bundle traffic. Our installer is one of the cleanest and fastest of the industry (it's been released just 2 weeks ago after being programmed from the...
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