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  1. Bruce_783

    use multilogin but still get suspended from adwords

    believe me, I am using MLA for a while now. I tested many proxies before and none worked as great as 4G proxy. still using that and suspension is negligible.
  2. Bruce_783

    Ask Me Anything About {Google Ads}

    Can we manage to show our google search ad in a specific region and to only residential IP addresses? I saw someone doing something like that and through only residential IP I am able to see his ad. Tried using different tools to locate his ad but wasn't successful. He might be doing something...
  3. Bruce_783

    Traffic Refferrer & Apple Devices

    Been a while that i am trying to hide the traffic referrer for these apple devices but it seems like there is nothing much left to test. Already tried double meta to clear it out, but still no luck. Anyone who can help? Running Redirection campaigns on google ads!
  4. Bruce_783

    google ads+ Indian Proxies

    I need some good Indian proxy providers for managing google ads & i did saw 1 or 2 before in the forum but couldn't find any now. If anyone knows or is using Indian proxies seller here, do let me know.
  5. Bruce_783

    Google ads: High CPC ZIP

    there are more than 50+ new Zips every hour. rn, i am simply excluding them for a day, then adding after 24 hours.
  6. Bruce_783

    Google ads: High CPC ZIP

    Hey guys, Lately i have been getting high CPC "click" from zip codes that I have in my targeted area. I am doing brand bidding here & not sure as to how to avoid these "high CPC click" from certain regions. Currently, excluding manually and tired of doing it. I was thinking if there is any way...
  7. Bruce_783

    Google ads+Tracking Template

  8. Bruce_783

    Google ads+Tracking Template

    lately, I have been getting "malicious software" after a day or two whenever i enter the tracking link in the google ads t template. i can see many other guys using the same primary domain, just that their "subdomain" names diff & mine's diff. i have tried using many diff. sub domain just to see...
  9. Bruce_783

    ➡️One Stop Google Ads⏩Fully Verified Premium Google Ads Accounts★★

    Trying to reach out from a while. Seller does not seem interested in selling.
  10. Bruce_783

    ➡️One Stop Google Ads⏩Fully Verified Premium Google Ads Accounts★★

    Hi, please share 10% discount. i also tried contacting you on skype. please answer
  11. Bruce_783

    $6,000 Spent in Bing in last 2 months and now stuck :(

    facing the same issue. they are saying that it is under editorial review. It has been almost 3 days now. ads were running just fine before
  12. Bruce_783

    tracking - tracking template and keywords .

    Use a tracking tool, clickmagik or bemob will do that job. make sure to set up correctly!!
  13. Bruce_783

    What is your maximum earning from CPA in a day in 2020 ?

    Entered into CPA a month ago. making $100/day. will scale up to $200/day from next week.
  14. Bruce_783

    Cloaking & Brand Bidding

    Hi Guys, i am new to CPA and looking for some networks to start with where i can brand bid on google search with little help of cloaking. have heard that some networks are really strict with their policies if got caught doing brand bidding, but that why I am here for some direction. What's the...
  15. Bruce_783

    Google ads account with domain access

    looking for some US, AU threshold accounts with preapproved domain access.
  16. Bruce_783

    Incogniton Review?

    come on dude!!! How do you know it does the same? you haven't even tried it yourself. there are many other tools that do exactly the same job as multilogin, but there is a reason why most people use ML.
  17. Bruce_783

    My Google ads, your website

    Agreed. ;)
  18. Bruce_783

    Proxy/ Google ads

    they have Datacenter IP's only
  19. Bruce_783

    Proxy/ Google ads

    used it already. looking to shift on a cheaper option
  20. Bruce_783

    Proxy/ Google ads

    can share here right?
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