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  1. gerade

    Google March 2024 Core Update Released: bigger than before!

    Yeap. Same idea. In every query google shows me quora or reddit. Even if i search like "where is my lost sock, where did i lost it?", bingo! Quora gives the answer. But my 2000+k article that contains 10+ H2 with images can't. So boring. I decided to change the site language. But i i would...
  2. gerade

    █ █ █ █ █ ██ GET FREE ARTICLE █ █ █ █ █ ██ Search Engine Friendly Unique Readable Articles at Cheap Price

    I want to check your article's readability. Please PM me for trial. Thanks.
  3. gerade

    There Is An Indexing Issue, Please Help.

    For one of my website, i am having same issue. Like Google is picking topic. Example: There are 2 articles which aren't indexed. "Article 1", "Article 2". And when i publish a new one, that one is getting indexed immediately. After 1-2 days, the older articles get indexed by time. But when i...
  4. gerade

    What is Autoblog and is it possible to make money with Autoblogging?

    That message matches exactly what i think about blogging for making income. People like me, has tried vary of methods to make income from blogging with adsense. %99 of us saw that there is no income by pressing just on some "Next, next, publish" buttons; or it ends with Adsense ban. After you...
  5. gerade

    Need recommendations for Cookie Consent Plugins for WordPress

    I also use this plugin. It works well. But on one of my sites, the plugin has old design. On the other site of mine which is recently created, the plugin has the latest design created by "Cookie Yes". Although both plugin have the same version. I suggest you to use "Cookie Yes" for wordpress.
  6. gerade

    Best Group By SEO Tools?

    LOL. At first, there were so many people who misunderstood it that i questioned myself as to whether i had misunderstood it. It means, i should trust my knowledge :D I am with you, don't give up!
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