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    (HELP) What can I do with my cheap traffic?

    I would buy it if it is human!
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    [iOwn] O-PBNs | The Safest Ranking Source Ever is Ready to be at Hands as your Own!

    Hi, can you please PM me some samples as well. Thanks
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    If your PBN was deindexed, your PBN sucks.

    This is some really good advice. I have 100's of PBN's and have suffered very little loss from this recent round of deindexing. So if there is one thing I can recommend. STOP SPINNING YOUR ARTICLES, PERIOD. Either write your own and get someone do it for you. Original articles attract real...
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    Deindexing of PBN Question

    Was there spun content on it? If so then remove it. Paste some original content. Add to WMT and see if you got a PURE SPAM Manual Action. If so replace content with original content and file a reconsideration request. But like others have said, it's probably just cheaper and more efficient to...
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    PandaBot.Net Free SEO Software for Websites, YouTube Videos and Social Media

    So here is my 2 cents. This is a VERY important service. Google, specially John Mueller (in the Webmaster Hangouts) has said on a number of occasions that they do look at bounce rate. So anything that can be done to improve it or at least help maintain it is helpful. With this service you...
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    750+ Juicy PAD Submissions. FAT RANK BOOST - SICK REVIEWS

    Just placed and order for 4 urls. Transaction ID 1EP06677VM2784837 Thanks!
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    Keep The Power Of Expired Domains

    I own hundreds of high PR domains and I can tell you categorically "By mixing the contents topics, you will burn the trust, authority & the power of existing linkjuice, because the expired domains looses its topic, which it has been related to" is a MYTH! Yes, flame away but I have the...
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    Best way to get an expired domain?

    Add the domain to your,, and backorder accounts. YES all, to increase your chances of grabbing it when it drops. If the name is difficult to brand and doesn't have much pr you should be able to pick it up on cheap.
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    How to check if URL has been indexed by Google?

    Why reinvent the wheel? Just use Scrapebox. Load up your proxies and urls and away you go. However it only checks the info: operator. Sometimes I like to check both site: and info:
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    can linkbuilding increase my traffic?

    No.. don't build any backlinks. They are worthless. :)
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    Why most people don't make money online

    Another reason is "paralysis by analysis." I also find noobs get so caught up in mythical nonsense these days that they never take any action. No follow, Do follow.. Just build some damm links already! Cheers
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    Need a better rank checker

    +1 for Rank Tracker. It can be buggy at time but it's basically the industry standard. I know a few people that like . Haven't tried it myself as I have too much data stored with Rank Tracker to switch Hope that helps, David
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    Question about multiple websites on same host

    It doesn't matter. One of the reasons is that ARIN no longer has IPv4 space so they push hosting company's to do shared. Have you ever tried to get an additional IP? They make you justify it! I can't remember where I read it but Google has publicly stated that for the most part they punish...
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    A good ticket based support system?!

    Depends what your doing. Personally I love WHMCS.COM for both billing and support. It's paid solution but many of the bigger hosting companies offer it for free if you have an account with them. I think at Hostgator you can get it for free.
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    Unlimited Goolge +1's

    @mdsurf - I think Google has some flags. They are watching out for networks like plused. It's a great concept but I have not been able to make the +1's stick.
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    Unlimited Goolge +1's

    I used it a few months ago, but Google seemed to remove the +1's from my sites quickly. Have they sort of figured that issue out?
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    Download Links

    What kind of information is it? Is it stuff that people naturally want? You could maybe use something like Tweet Attacks and push the links out to Twitter. Facebook might be good place. But really build a couple pages rank them which would bring you some natural traffic. Most of the spammy...
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    Best way of Linkbuilding according to the new Google Changes?

    A few other ideas. 1. You could pick up an aged domain with some decent PR on Godaddy auctions then 301 it to your new domain and pound it with all the links you want. This is a great way to buffer yourself from dancing and get some good link juice flowing. 2. Lease/Buy into a High PR...
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    Download Links

    Maybe use something like SEnuke and rank some web 2.0 sites with your link in it. What kind of download link is it?
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    Any tool that can do this.

    Nothing really commercial that I am aware of that would do specifically what you want. But what you could do is get a copy of Ubot or WinAutomation and write something pretty quickly to do it.
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