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    ***HOT New CB Product LAUNCH***100% Commission in a $4 Billion Dollar Niche!***

    I think affiliate interest would increase greatly with a shorter trial period. The affiliate section is top notch.....just add some buyer specific keywords (which I'll do on my own);), and you've got a damn near perfect recipe. I'll go ahead and give it a shot. Btw.......thanks for the access!
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    Need prayers

    Consider it done, my friend.
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    My Method To $400+ Weekly With Free Articles & Fiverr

    You're reviewing Clickbank products. They pay between 50-75% commission on their digital products. Go to Clickbank dot com and sign up as an affiliate for free. If you're still unsure about which products to promote search the BHW Clickbank thread for ideas.
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    [Give Away] Micro Niche Keywords - Monetize with amazon!

    Appreciate your generous offer. Count me in please!
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    Blogger Isnt working out

    Hey, good luck to you dude. I prefer using free resources too until I get some steady income coming in. There's nothing wrong with that. Learning is part of the game & taking action is what really counts! :high5:
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    Fuck Illinois New Law...

    This really puts a damper on using some of the methods shared by WSO's. So either I re-plan my marketing strategy.....or move in with my daughter in Indiana. :confused:
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    Get Top Dollar for Your Articles and Content!

    This list covers resources for almost any type of writer. Very extensive, yet just scratches the surface. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you get the WSO "Content Cash Cow" that Lehpet shared in the downloads section. That covers how to market yourself, how to get ideas for topics...
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    blogspot anygood?

    Blogspot works great for some and not so great for others. I think if you focus on organic traffic you have a better chance for success. Plus you've got to work within your budget. After you've made some dough, go with hosting a wordpress blog. Here's a thread on what a fellow BHW member is...
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    Made my first money online THANKS BHW!

    Congrats on being one of the small percent of BHW noobs who takes action. :biggthump Keep up the great work!
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    Why do sites created using the twentyten theme rank so well?

    I agree. I know when I go to a site and it takes too long to load, I'm leaving. And Google DOES look down on high bounce rate.
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    Why do sites created using the twentyten theme rank so well?

    Geez, I'm glad I ran across this thread. I was about to use the Atahualpa theme which is taking me too long to customize. (nothing against the designers. I just can't make up my mind with all the options). Perhaps I should keep it simple and try working with Twenty Ten.
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    Just Got Approved by Demand Studios

    Most of the well known sites pay through revenue sharing, but I found one that is similar to Demand Studios. Break Studios is similar to Demand but they pay a little less. Breakstudios.break*com. I've never written for them, though. Hope this helps. ;)
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    Kettlebells affiliate program , anyone?

    Not much out there, but here's what I came across.... Clickbank: kettlebellworkouts*com - I've seen better sales pages but as far as I can tell it's the only one on CB. Pepperjam Network: MBodystrength*com - you'll have to get approved through their affiliate manager, Pepperjam...
  14. M Crazy sales tactics

    $5.....sorry, $4 a couple of times a week ain't much, but it'll pay for some monthly hosting and a domain name. Use it as a starting point then move on to something better. SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!
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    BEST way to get Twitter followers?

    I just registered with WeFollow. I like the way they have the categories listed. It makes finding targeted followers less complicated. Now let's see how many follower I can get! :rolleyes: Thanks for the tip!
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    My complete Blogger $$$ Method

    This is really on time for me. I need to set up a quick blog for my twitter niche. I appreciate the step by step instructions that you share. K.I.S.S. method :high5:
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    Help a Noob Get Started

    Read this thread.... Then do a BHW search for "fiverr and see what else comes up. Good luck!
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    $40.00 Just To Get Someone To Show For An Appointment - Need some ideas

    You might be better off outsourcing your affiliate campaign to a CPA affiliate manager. To get some ideas check out Offervaultdotcom. They're an affiliate network directory that you can join for free. They've got a ton of resources, plus you can do a search for "timeshare" to get a feel for...
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    2011!! getting lucky for me... MY success as a NOOB!

    Thanks for sharing your success. I hope many others will see this thread and realize that with real work & focus they can get some cash rolling in, too. You provide a service, offer value & you get paid for it. No get rich quick BS. I applaud your efforts. :You_Rock_
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    StumbleUpon Overtakes Facebook

    I pasted the article so you could see for yourselves. It's not saying that it ranks higher than FB. It's referring only to US social media traffic. Tags:StumbleUpon|Facebook|Digg StumbleUpon has beaten Facebook as the No. 1 source for social media traffic in the US, according to analytics...
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