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  1. Mayank Dhyani

    Why Do I Not Rank At All

    There is a term/phrase you need to understand, it's "Crawled but Currently Not Indexed". You will find this term in Google Webmaster and it simply means Google has crawled your page but Google doesn't find your content informative or good enough to be indexed. Yes, Google may show results of...
  2. Mayank Dhyani

    [GUIDE] Basic WP OnSite advice or how to increase my Organic traffic easily

    This guide is really nice and I appreciate it. I would like to add some more things to be followed to make it even better. Make the best use of the Homepage of your website. Generally, this is the part most SEOs do skip as I have observed so far. They don't work on the CLICK DEPTH of their...
  3. Mayank Dhyani

    Link building for new site in 2020

    If your site is new and recently indexed. Start with these activities - GMB Optimization - Social Bookmarking - Classified Ad Posting - Business Listing I will suggest not to go for guest posting before a month or 45 days. These activities are enough to give your first month and work on the...
  4. Mayank Dhyani

    New Google Update January 2020

    I also had its impact on my website but it was on 7th Jan, though SEMrush showed in its traffic graph that they sensed a high activity in the US Database. Looking forward to knowing what I need to do to recover.
  5. Mayank Dhyani

    New Google Update January 2020

    There are both good and bad SEOs in BHW. Make sure you follow the good one and do what google says.
  6. Mayank Dhyani

    New Google Update Jan 7 2020

    As I was expecting, Google has announced its first broad core algorithm update of 2020. Let's see what SEO giants conclude and suggest for a speedy recovery.
  7. Mayank Dhyani

    Ecommerce SEO

    In the case of e-Commerce, this is not just a game of keywords but Technical SEO. Below are some points to keep in mind if you have an e-Commerce Website. The number of products on your website. The website loading speed of your website. (must be less than 3 seconds.) How clear your product...
  8. Mayank Dhyani

    New Google Update Jan 7 2020

    My in-house project websites are also hit on 7th Jan 2020. Semrush has declared it an algorithm update on the same date. I am keeping one eye on google's twitter account and another eye on the SEO giant's response. Let's see what I need to do and where I lacked. If anyone has any clue or update...
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