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  1. sportsmen

    Favorite Meme Coins to buy?

    DOGE still rrocks!
  2. sportsmen

    New to BHW

    Welcome onboard and enjoy your stay!
  3. sportsmen

    5 lessons learned after losing $15,000 in the crypto market

    Thank you for sharing. Number 5 is a gem!
  4. sportsmen

    My PC has been affected with UAZQ Ransomware

    There are some cases when people had cured their computers. You can search with Google about it.
  5. sportsmen

    Can I promote my forum site?

    Here, on BHW, to promote other forums is prohibited.
  6. sportsmen

    How to solve "Compromised Site" Issues on Google Ads?

    A new account had to be created due to unforeseen circumstances. It is unfortunate that this was necessary. There was a point where discussions were held with a Google technical support representative, but the allegedly offending code could not be identified.As a result, there is no certainty...
  7. sportsmen

    Android emulator as a Virtual Machine

    I don't think that this is good for headless mode. You see, the idea was to emulate Android with GUI. I would look for another technology in order to emulate headless mode. Yes, that's possible.
  8. sportsmen

    Instagram account scraping

    As was said above, google for instagram parser tool and buy realy good mobile proxies.
  9. sportsmen

    hello Im korean

    Welcome mate, nice to meet a professional from Korea!
  10. sportsmen

    What's the best tool to detect AI-created content?

    They are all weak, as for me. Most of them are yelling that the content is 100% AI generated.
  11. sportsmen

    Where would you invest 1.000.000$?

    Hey, OP do you really think you could find somebody qualified for that?
  12. sportsmen

    google deindexing pages on a new website

    For a new web-site, it's OK
  13. sportsmen

    I've Lost Thousands $$$ Online and my wife is PISSED!!!

    Your wife is pissed? It's time to change your wife, buddy!
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