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    [JOURNEY] $5 per day

    Best of luck buddy :)
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    I am New here.

    Welcome to the BHW community
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    Welcome to the forum
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    I want to get test balance.
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    My journey to greatness

    Best of Luck buddy on your journey
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    About Spotify

    You consider to use unused email for that
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    Finally Made An Account

    Welcome to BHW community
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    Google March 2024 Update (Manual action penalty)

    It's over bro :(:weep:
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    Let's make some money together - where there are many, power grows.

    Sounds interesting, count me in
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    Welcome to the Black hat World
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    Welcome to the Black hat World
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    On myself

    I want to know more :p
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    Im new in bhw community

    Welcome to the BHW forum
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    Stealing Content And repurposing it

    Make your own content and make little bit unique. If you reused content you won't get monetized
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    How does Youtube count repeat views?

    I don't think you can get success by doing that. Focus on your content quality and make it unique
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    How to make 20$ a day?

    Maybe by working hard
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    Hi world!

    Hi, Welcome to the BHW Forum mate
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