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  1. D'Dark

    Whatsapp Bulk Ban Info

    I have interest
  2. D'Dark

    any native indian to help me with shopping support on some sites?

    support on some subscription site. no scam, you will waste your time
  3. D'Dark

    Whatsapp Bulk Ban Info

    Do you have any solution for bulk shipments of 10-20k daily?
  4. D'Dark

    I'm looking for a bulk messaging bot for whatsapp

    I know there are several out there, but I've already bought and tested several, I want something that works, and doesn't generate so many bans and delays, maybe you already have one ready, I'm interested! I need something that works with big streams without loss
  5. D'Dark

    how to show my blog on Discover on Google app?

    try to be creative with the stories, other than that it is very difficult to compete there, there are several factors to have a good ranking, but the basic is a fast site with a good SEO strategy, but always use internal links in your content...
  6. D'Dark

    Migrating my Wordpress Blog to another Hosting

    backup the database, the directory and transfer everything via FTP, it's very simple (I don't use plugins, it always generated errors). if you transfer quickly google will know the migration quickly, in a few days your SEO is back to normal, but drops are normal in a migration
  7. D'Dark

    Anyone Working on Multiple Site? What's Your Strategy for Manage Those Site?

    I manage +80 blogs, from updating posts where I receive all the content by email, updating plugins (I never update in the first few weeks) and automatic posting on social networks. write down your flows create a mental map of your routine, look for a good python developer, or learn, automation...
  8. D'Dark

    Sony vegas or adobe?

  9. D'Dark

    How do you live with wordpress updates?

    Hire a good developer for this, I update several sites in bulk, it changed my life
  10. D'Dark

    How do you live with wordpress updates?

    I update dozens of sites via script, a member shared it here, it changed my life, immediately I never update anything, it will be a problem! I use Cpanel which helps a lot in control and updates, and security issues, I have some layers of protection, have a good server, I recommend dedicated...
  11. D'Dark

    Start affiliate marketing ?

    What is your field of activity?
  12. D'Dark

    what tool do you use for keyword research?

    Google ADS
  13. D'Dark

    Email bot

    I am interested in email creation tool
  14. D'Dark

    Email bot

    I have interest
  15. D'Dark

    Traffic bots are working?

    I use both, but for some tasks I use the private ones
  16. D'Dark

    Traffic bots are working?

    you need private proxies to manipulate search engines, and a good PC to simulate human action. I work selling traffic to government blogs, they are very well paid, I just need to offer high graphics :)
  17. D'Dark

    Traffic bots are working?

    the difference is in the proxies, and most importantly, the tool allows public proxies, but you can also have your sources, public proxies are easy to find, but it's worth investing!
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