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  1. Blomster Finn

    Will BTC come back stronger than ever?

    As long as energy prices in Europe fall towards the summer, BTC will go up mining = energy
  2. Blomster Finn

    ⚡⚡ Ultra Powerful PBN ⚡⚡ HomePage Links ❤️❤️Premium Domains ❤️❤️ DA upto 70 ❇️ starting @ 1$

    Thank you! The report looks very well, will dive into it tomorrow and write a detailed review
  3. Blomster Finn

    Socialpire TikTok Bot - 3 Day Free Trial

    Would be fun to try!
  4. Blomster Finn

    50000 Euro to build an online business that generate me 3k income monthly

    Blockchain is more than crypto. You do not have to «trade cryptocurrencies» in order to build a project utilizing blockchain. The blockchain component could just be a more effective way of proving ownership of any Digital or Physical asset
  5. Blomster Finn

    50000 Euro to build an online business that generate me 3k income monthly

    This! Huge opportunities with Ethereum and Polkadot
  6. Blomster Finn

    My NFT Project + your Mass Discord DM

    No offense, but why spam DMs on Discord? Does anyone really take spammy DMs seriously? There are plenty of other ways to promote a NFT project.
  7. Blomster Finn

    How To Re-Negotiate a Price after an Agreement has been made | Skills You Will Always Need

    In that case, OP could just have found someone else. The Power of urgency is real. The handyman could obviously have used OP’s urgency to his advangage by demanding a higher price. However, clearly he was looking for work anyways and needed the money. I always keep just enough cash for a taxi...
  8. Blomster Finn

    Link Pyramid 3.0 with HQ PBN 3 Tiers, 19 Platforms, 9123+ Backlinks from $5

    Very quick turnaround time, and seamless updates by email. Will be fun to see the results. Reports and keyword research has been flawless so far, thank you so much for the value! Will be ordering more
  9. Blomster Finn

    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    Indeed, I am staking all my coins anyway. No matter what happens to the $DOT currency, you can still use the Polkadot apps with BTC (and even fiat USD)
  10. Blomster Finn

    My Marketing + YOUR NFT Project Ready to Mint

    DM sent about our Physical NFT project
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