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    Website rejected on exoclick BUT ads are still active.

    Talk with the customer service...
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    ⭐⭐⭐ [HQ][AGED][CHEAP] Youtube Channels 2005-2009 | Millions+ Views Channels | HIGH RANKING | CHEAP IN MARKET | WarlordYT ⭕★⭕

    Hello, are those accounts monetized? Aged Youtube Accounts 2005-2009 (100k+ Views) (5+ Videos) Send me a PM please
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    Create a dispute thread
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    0$ E-Book | How to Create YouTube Videos in 5 Minutes

    Interested thanks
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    Does Galaksion Ad Network Really Pay? Or is it some sort of scam?

    Start searching on the forum, i think there is some threads where people talked about it.
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    I need website traffic that will make clicks

    I don't recommend using it. Advertisers will complain that your website traffic is bot traffic and you'll be banned if you have many clicks but no conversions.
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    ad network suggestion

    What happened with them?
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