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  1. SocialLord

    Instagram's latest updates too strict?

    I'm following 300+ per day and not getting blocked How do I do this? Yeah guys, get over it, automation isn't working anymore for Instagram. I'm using my own hands, manually. I take breaks. I know this isn't possible for 100+ accounts, but if you have like 5-10 accounts this is doable.
  2. SocialLord

    Export usernames by retweets?

    Following this thread.
  3. SocialLord

    Any Twitter Bots Allows Password Change?

    Can I PM you to ask you about twitter settings for jarvee? Would you help me out? If you want I can reward you for it.
  4. SocialLord

    What can I do with this tool for instagram?

    mention them in comments? Nice!
  5. SocialLord

    What can I do with this tool for instagram?

    What does tagging even mean?
  6. SocialLord

    What can I do with this tool for instagram?

    Responding to stay notified on this thread.. Curious too.
  7. SocialLord

    $120 Million Airdrop - Stellar

    Checked it, not true. You don't ONLY need a keybase account. You need to complete multiple steps to participate, and link a github or hackernews account that was made before 9/9/2019. I dont have that so cant participate. Ur wrong
  8. SocialLord

    $120 Million Airdrop - Stellar

    ty, checking it out.
  9. SocialLord

    Anyone else is unable to create accounts today?

    It's working perfectly fine for me. Try deleting your cookies and changing a proxy. Switch IP address and device and try again..
  10. SocialLord

    Hi everyone :)

    Welcome. I doubt you're a girl by your behaviour, but nice to meet you.
  11. SocialLord

    Reviews Needed For Our Few Services

    Hello, I want to do a review.
  12. SocialLord

    Create free UNLIMITED phone numbers [No TextNow or TextPlus] Works for FB, IG, Twitter..

    Thank you for the post. Will try it out and let you know if it worked for me.
  13. SocialLord

    How to get past the anti bot bans of 2019...

    Nice post, but I disagree with one point; the following: "Real users have routines. I connected to 4 -8 different public wifis a day just when I'm out and about. When you're account is created on a mobile and then uses a residential IP from then onwards Facebook and Instagram knows you're...
  14. SocialLord

    Growing IG accounts

    Interesting reply. How would you do this if you managed 100+ accounts? :S
  15. SocialLord

    Hello, friends

    Hello Dan, I sent you a PM. I would like to meet you. - Lord s
  16. SocialLord

    Growing IG accounts

    Also interested in good comments.
  17. SocialLord


    Welcome to BHW. If you need any help, let me know. I'm pretty new on this forum too, but not in the world.
  18. SocialLord

    Anyway to get youtube monetisation back?

    You could try going to your Youtube channel > monetization and sending another application to get verified for monetization again. This is only possible if you have been monetized before. They will strictly check your content.
  19. SocialLord

    New Again =/

    Good to know. I'm pretty new here, so wouldn't know about that. If you want you can PM me and we can stay in touch. Else I can PM you.
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