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  1. Jothi Web

    Website for my YouTube Channel?

    WordPress. Use Elementor Pro. Its a Drag Drop. You can design as per your taste and layout. Its Easy. Tomorrow is Black Friday. So you will get big discount offer. Enjoy
  2. Jothi Web

    Need Experts Opinion About (Cloud Bulk Whatsapp SMS Service)

    Hello, Im doing some local business in my region and doing web design service also. Here some clients need bulk whatsapp sms service to send bulk sms to their customer's whatsapp bumber regularly. I enquired to some Cloud Bulk Whatsapp SMS service for reselling price. They are ready to...
  3. Jothi Web

    Need some feedback for the design

    Today's Design. Expecting feedback...
  4. Jothi Web

    Need some feedback for the design

    Thanks. I used same font size for all texts. Yeah, I change it based of the clients requirements, Yes. I tried many times using background instead just color. But when it comes to printing, background looks blur or dull. Thats why using single color. Even gradient color also looks blur or...
  5. Jothi Web

    Need some feedback for the design

    Thanks for your feedback. If I reduce the font size, it will be too smal in printed card. Thats why. Yes. I use dummy logo. Alright.
  6. Jothi Web

    Need some feedback for the design

    Here is my another design. Give me the feedback please.
  7. Jothi Web

    Need some feedback for the design

    Thank you all for your feedbacks. Actually the original color of the brochure didnt reflect when I uploaded here. I understand very well that some poeple like the color and some dont. If we use light color for printing, it wont give exact result. Thats why using this range. But your...
  8. Jothi Web

    Need some feedback for the design

    Hello, Its Jothi.. I know many of authority people available in this forum. I would like to get some feedback from you all for the following designes. It will be helpful for more improvement and all. I hope you understand. Thanks. Note: My itentions is not to sell. Just for feedback...
  9. Jothi Web

    Investors Please Check this Comapny and Recommend Me

    Hello all, One of my know person recommending the company called "thefiniko(dot).com", to invest. If any of the well experienced investors available in this forum, please check this company and let me whether its a legit or not to invest Waiting,
  10. Jothi Web

    Reduce bounce rate

    There are some sellers providing infographics service, you can contact them for price and discount.
  11. Jothi Web

    Reduce bounce rate

    The number of images does not matter, quality and informative images will attract the visitors to read and stay for a minute. Why don't you try infographics?
  12. Jothi Web

    what do you put on homepage ?

    Like everyone said, the homepage should be recent posts.
  13. Jothi Web

    Hello, Looking forward to learning SEO

    Welcome to the community mate.
  14. Jothi Web


    Welcome you to here today.
  15. Jothi Web

    What you do when you're disconnected from IM?

    Really? Only 0.42USD per 1gram?
  16. Jothi Web

    What you do when you're disconnected from IM?

    Yes of course. Not only me, our whole family knows about the benefits of wearing silver even, my grandma. Most of the people purchasing and wearing without knowing it's benefits. For example read it: Do you know...
  17. Jothi Web

    favorite sport to play?

    Outdoor game is best for both mind and body.
  18. Jothi Web

    [Mega Thread] What were your biggest amazon affiliate website mistakes?

    I heard many times that most of the content writing sellers just outsourcing. Yes, UK, USA writers writing an article, but most of them writing without doing deep research. They concentrate to reach 500 words and deliver to the customer. Here UK USA writers charges are really high. But it is...
  19. Jothi Web

    What you do when you're disconnected from IM?

    Will start Silver Jewellers based Business. Put $100 and take $110. It is a popular business in my place. Everyone likes silver to wear because it gives more benefits to health.
  20. Jothi Web

    [Journey] Building Amazon Affiliate Site to $300/Month

    First of all, good luck buddy. Any further information about the keyword that you are targeting? Buyer intent keyword right? What's the average monthly searches and difficulty score is 7 according to Ahref? It is not blog content. He said that is Money content, which means buying guide.
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