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    Autogenerated Content and Spamdexing Journey

    Do your articles have sub headings (such as H2, H3 or H4)? And are you linking out to external websites?
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    Scaling Autogenerated Content To 100,000 Page Views A Month

    Lol, I am sure that you clearly saw Monthly earnings. I wonder how you read all time earnings
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    sh*t does not work, but sh*t makes money, here's how

    Do you that you got the site's owner 157 API keys? I believe it is gpt3 because he said keywords to articles. Read this thread, It will give you an idea
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    Monster White - Guest Post Style Posts from Huge High Authority Sites - Only $15

    Are you going to have any Cyber Monday deal? The Coronarelief coupon is not working
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    [Journey] Ranking A Site That Uses AI Generated Content

    When are you going to monetize your site?
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    Generating half a million pages and making money from it : Experiment with spintax and local lead generation

    How do you generate 500K spinned pages at a go?... Because I know of only posting 1 spunned article at a time
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    spam doesn't work, jk $1.6M

    I think people have been waiting for more stats on those sites.
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    How Can I Embed Google Maps Into Wordpress?

    I would like to embed Google Maps into wordpress so that Google Maps will use the visitors IP to show them places near by.... For instance, if someone from Los Angeles (i.e. using Los Angeles IP) visits my wordpress site, the embedded Google Maps on my site will show areas around Los Angeles...
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    What PBN services on BHW requires monthly payment

    Thank you... The service looks promising. I will have to ask them questions I am not looking for a PBN setup. I don't want to worry about domain expiring or getting a writer to post the articles.
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    What PBN services on BHW requires monthly payment

    I am in need of a PBN service, but I want the PBN service in blackhatworld (BHW) that requires monthly payment. I prefer the monthly payment because it shows that the PBN is well maintained
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    Backlinking the Backlinks Question

    How can someone backlink the backlinks?... I know I can do forum posting and commenting. Is there any other way of doing this?
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    [Journey] Expired Domain + Clickbank Reviews to $1k Per Day

    I know you said expired domain. But was it a dropped domain? or a non-dropped domain? .... I want to start a website, but I am thinking of using an expired non-dropped domain
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    [Journey] Next Authority Site to $50k/month with Ads

    Good luck with this journey. I will be following this thread
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    Buying bitcoin with CC

    Yep, that is it. But make sure you have your wallet's password/key because once you lose it, the bitcoin is gone....... And verify the wallet i.e. make sure the numbers and letters matches with what you have. You can buy a little, maybe like $5. So that if make a mistake, you only lost $5 and...
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    Buying bitcoin with CC

    I haven't bought bitcoin from coinmama, I think they are legit. I have to verify my account with them by sending them my ID. I did this in 2018. The height of the crypto frenzy. I don't know what country you are, but I bought from coinbase in 2018. I think Binance also sells bitcoin. You can buy...
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    Is Moz Percentage of Quality Backlink Important?

    I am on an outreach guest posting mission. I look for sites with DA or 20 and greater, less than 1 million in Alexa ranking. I noticed that moz also have a percentage of quality backlink. So I would like to know if that is important. Because a site has like 24%, and a DA of 40 with less than...
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