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  1. BrotherJoseph

    how do people get instagram followers so fast?

    Not because it's easy to achieve, but it only takes a couple of viral reels to get 50k+ followers. Some people use a mix of viral content with their content and post only reels to grow. These days, small creators Instagram reels get more views with time, than on TikTok.
  2. BrotherJoseph

    [AMA] I was working as an official content moderator for Tik Tok

    Did seeing 500 Andrew tate videos per day affected your mental health, is this why you really left? all of TikTok was About Tate in the last 2 years, did your manager or boss told you to shadow ban all accounts sharing clips of him? just curious!
  3. BrotherJoseph


    Tiktok ads are very effective, you can get thousands of followers in a month.
  4. BrotherJoseph

    is a good idea to drive traffic from facebook group?

    Yes it's a great idea especially if the group is your and in the same niche as your website. I have a 198k members facebook group, and a blog same niche, i publish 10-11 articles per month on the blog and i share the articles in the group and get 90k-110k visitors monthly just from the group.
  5. BrotherJoseph

    Scrapebox is a useless Software

    I agree, some cheap 20 $ chrome extension can scrape the web way faster and better than scrapebox.
  6. BrotherJoseph

    My Blog with 100k+ monthly traffic + your writing service

    ///I have a blog(tv reality show niche, USA) that have and can easily get 100k+ visitors monthly guaranteed 70% of my visitors are from USA, 30% from EU UK and rest of the world. ///The blog is getting organic traffic plus it has a facebook group linked to it with 110k active members 80% of...
  7. BrotherJoseph

    Mbappes PSG contact

    I think he stayed for PSG first for money, this new contract will make him and his family and their grand grand children safe for life, and second, he stayed because it's a promising project with a lot of potential and the owners told him that he will have a saying in who they will recrute next...
  8. BrotherJoseph

    Any FB algorithm update? My groups daily views dropped from 100k to only around 1k lately

    Did your group get a strike lately and a post was removed because it was against Facebook TOS? If yes then your group will be shadow banned, and it last 3 about months if you don't get other strikes.
  9. BrotherJoseph

    How much for this YT channel?

    If the subs and views are real organic and not bought, you can easily sell it for 500-600 USD on fame swap(don't use their escrow system 50% chance they steal your channel, deal directly with the buyers outside of the site, choose a non refundable type of payment), i sold a 11k subscribers...
  10. BrotherJoseph

    Using personal email from cold emails

    Yes, by using Gmail your emails will go directly to spam. Best way to cold email is to have a business email with a domain and to use an SMTP server to send the emails slowly, also make sure your email list is verified.
  11. BrotherJoseph

    How to find OnlyFans models

    Go to Onlyfans official Instagram account, check their following and you will find the models, they follow many of their own models.
  12. BrotherJoseph

    Pitching a service to instagram influencers

    Most influencers have their e mails publically so try cold emailing, cold/spam dms most will be ignored when offering a service and will not to be taken seriously.
  13. BrotherJoseph

    The cheapest way to a website

    Make and host a website on blogger for free, pay for a godaddy domain like 10$ for your first year, that's the cheapest it can get.
  14. BrotherJoseph

    How To Earn From Facebook Group?

    Create a blog or a website, get them adsense approved and share exclusively your articles in that group to get instant traffic before your SEO and organic reach start working.
  15. BrotherJoseph

    Best Ai Content Generator, i use their free plan it's great :)
  16. BrotherJoseph

    What is a fast way of getting 500 IG or TikTok followers? (Quality doesn't matter)

    500 followers is easy to get doing follow unfollow, it's better if you don't buy followers since most of them eventually drop sooner or later so it's like paying for temporary followers and waiting for them to dissapear.
  17. BrotherJoseph

    Looking for someone to scrape Instagram Email Accounts. Large Project

    Hello, i can get data from Instagram with emails from hahstags, followers and following in bulk, pm sent!
  18. BrotherJoseph

    How we stop spam calls?

    Did you add your number to your Instagram or a social media account by any chance? Because people scrape social media for emails and phones and sell that data to people who will cold email and call. Sometimes, even some forums that you sign up to, sell your data to other people.
  19. BrotherJoseph

    There is no such thing as passive income

    For 3 years i had apps on Google play making me good money from admob ads revenue, that's passive income, i do nothing beside paying for a Google play account, making the apps, choosing a non saturated profitable niche, wait a couple of months for the apps to get a decent amount of organic...
  20. BrotherJoseph

    Are you going to upgrade to Windows 11 ?

    I hate windows 10 so much in the same time i think it's the best windows yet and it's so secure, but i hate it because of their forced non stop updates, as someone who runs bots and scripts for hours on my laptops, updates can be a pain in the a$$. I hope windows 11 will be as much as good with...
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