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    SEO Phoenix v2.1 Boost Your Rankings and Dominate Google Rave Reviews

    just placed an order, Transaction ID: 6A8277099N819****
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    REAL SEO CAFE - THE BIG GOOGLE SLAYER With 11 Tier Link Builiding - Free Copies

    Ordered. ****7121EL063323C Hoping to see some results.
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    BACKLINKS THAT RANK 11 Link Types - Massive Link Diversity Tested Results!

    Just received my report. Everything is looking good and really over delivered! Will report an update within a week to update on serp movement. My current site is not even top 100 for its keyword so hopefully it will help out!
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    30,60,100-WEb2.0 Submissions - On Perfect Prices - Discount Inside !

    So here is my second review, I ordered the service, and I have now got my report. Everything looks nice and he overdelivered. I will review again on any updates with serps
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    30,60,100-WEb2.0 Submissions - On Perfect Prices - Discount Inside !

    just ordered to try it out... talked to him on skype. Will leave a review when service is done.
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    BACKLINKS THAT RANK 11 Link Types - Massive Link Diversity Tested Results!

    Placed an ordered. PM'd then Emailed.
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    G-POINT Great LINK Diversity & Proven Results • Beat Penguin!10 Keywords!Quality SEO

    Just ordered! Hoping to see a change in rankings for my keywords and website! will post a review once all goes through
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    Pinging Backlinks Enough?

    exactly what I was wondering about, thanks for the info DutchTrafficService
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    Pinging Backlinks Enough?

    When you are making backlinks, is pinging them enough, or should you try to index them? This might be a noob question, sorry ahead of time. :P
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    How do you find out if your site is sandboxed?

    I was wondering if there's a way if you can find out? I want to know if one of my particular sites is sandboxed.
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    WP Post -> Social Media Post

    thanks guys! really appreciate it!
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    WP Post -> Social Media Post

    Is there a plugin to get so when ever I post a new blog post, it posts on a facebook page and twitter account?
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    Video game blog? Yes or no?

    I was thinking the same thing, but I currently am starting up a different blog, that I will actively post on. I will set up the video game one later. It is a good niche, and profitable, you just have to know how to get your blog out there. SEO and trying to rank it on google will be hard and...
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    How Much You Earn With Clickbank ?

    I just broke my first $100 on CB yesterday, but we will see if there is any refunds! I would like to maximize my earnings and learn some new techniques to help promote CB sales.
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    Plugin: SEO JacKing ? Is it Legit?

    Anyone heard of the plugin SEO JacKing for WP? I came across it from a fiverr completed gig. It claims to have helped ranking within minutes on a site, and can help improve your ranking.
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    Another Noob Journey to $100/Day

    Got a rebill on Clickbank today... pretty happy about that. will update more tonight on what is going on.
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    Another Noob Journey to $100/Day

    I was thinking about starting CPA, I will give more of a look into it.
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    Looking for Easy WP Design

    I'm willing to buy a custom WP design. I have a site or two that I would like you to base it off of. let me know.
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    Another Noob Journey to $100/Day

    its still building back links but nothing huge on rankings or anything. I will let you know when I start getting some action on that !
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