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    Earned $1000 last month

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    After 3 years on BHW- finally some $$$

    Well done, Congratulations.
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    125 posts done on BHW

    Yes of course ,Congratulations
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    What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?

    By understanding the importance of time and use it in a positive manner
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    SEMRush keyword research

    of course it'll give
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    Backlink Audit in 20 Steps (Guide)

    Really appreciated ! thanks for sharing
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    How to increase organic traffic of a software website?

    optimize your website with SEO to generate traffic or improve your google ranking
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    Do sites like Amazon still spend money on SEO ?

    Yes, Because it helps to maintain there ranking and gain more and more traffic
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    Hi Marketing Moguls!

    Welcome to BHW
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    I need backlink

    you should check the market place for backlinks
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    need advice : niche for guest posting

    In my opinion 2nd and 3rd are good one
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    Happy Eid Everyone 1443-2022

    Happy EID--UL-ADHA to everyone
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    Hello from Romania

    welcome to the forum
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    does SPAM score matter

    nope it doesn't matter
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    want to learn work

    Welcome to BHW You are the right place to learn new things
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    Non-English, Pet niche or Health niche?

    Both Niche's are good but I suggest you to go with pet niche
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    PDF Submissions Vs Guest Posts

    Both have there own advantages but I prefer Guest post
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    [help plz] Maximum Spam Score to avoid backlink from this site

    Take links from websites whose spam score is less than 10
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