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    LMFAO - Sexy and i Know it

    theres something wrong with you boys
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    India people thinks outside the Box :D

    how can you be sure it was elephant shit?
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    How To Out Black Hat A Black Hatter??? :)

    match and exceed. ie. do whatever they are doing but more of it.
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    Biggest FREE Giveaway On BHW Ever.

    I don't need any of these tools but its pretty damn cool of you to share these here. I'm thinking one big giveaway thread would be cool. + rep for keeping everything in the open and helping out the community. On a side note , I'm loving this thread on account of all the disqualifications. These...
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    Client did not pay. What to do?

    if you aren't gonna get paid for em I would definitely make sure they get blasted out everywhere so that he loses value. Save yourself some work and share them here, on dp and anywhere else you can think.
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    Looking to put my girl to work

    sell her pre-worn panties
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    [Question] I Want to Scrape Craigs Ads with WPRobot. Can it be Done and How?

    I'm trying to get a classified site rolling and want to scrape some ads to make it look active. I know you can scrape ebay and amazon with wprobot. That will work but I would really like to scrape craigs ads. Is there a module or way to do this with wprobot? If anyone has had any success doing...
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    22 Letters = $17,000 profit in 3 weeks.

    Great share. Solid method and some really good tips. I for one would love some follow up on this, as I'm sure the rest of the gang would. Much appreciated...
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    Proxies by geo location for Craigslist

    rdsl ftw
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    My Mom trying to force min into a IRL job?!

    Get your ass back in school and continue with your IM bro. You were doing both before and you can continue to do both now. Dont screw up the relationship with the family in the meantime. Obviously from what you say, your mother is a very successful woman. Don't take her advice completely for...
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    Get Donor Status for FREE!!

    Everyone already knows that all you need to do to get the free donor status is: PRESS Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter And you will be upgraded.
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    [Roport]Had luck and found a VERY hot Keyword

    If your metrics are correct, I'm thinking you are gonna have a pretty tough time with this. You're gonna have a tough time outranking amazon if you are also linking back to them. Further unless you outrank them you can rest assured you won't be selling any of their products.
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    [Roport]Had luck and found a VERY hot Keyword

    they are telling you to check the option box in adwords that says "exact match". Typing quotes won't do it. You have to check the box.
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    [Roport]Had luck and found a VERY hot Keyword

    the first thing to learn is how to do proper keyword research. It will save you a lot of time and money. You can find the info on how to do that within the forum. Use search. Study hard and be prepared to put in some work.
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    Clicking your own Adsense with multiple IPs

    why don't you just go out and collect aluminum cans for a living? Probably just about as profitable as wasting your time clicking your ads a few times a day...
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    is there some free masons using BHW.

    I can get you in. You will just need to send me $3000 via WU. This post will self destruct in 30 seconds. 29... 28... 27...
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    Has Anyone Here Worked With AboveAllOffers?

    What kind of payment methods do they offer?
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    Has Anyone Here Worked With AboveAllOffers?

    How do the payouts look?
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    Has Anyone Here Worked With AboveAllOffers?

    I was invited to join AboveAllOffers a while back. Just wondering if anyone here has used them. I'm looking for some new offers to promote and wondering if I should give them a shot. Any info you can share is appreciated.
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    Help with my Question (Il pay the correct answer - $20)

    Not interested in the money but IMHO you will get some juice but not the equivalent of a pr9. A link is a link though...
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