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    Warez Templates are full of viruses

    which template? did you get it from BHW?
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    Look for the thread "Made $30 on two articles today", it has tons of info about AC. I'd link you, but the system won't let me
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    Made $30 on two articles today

    Curious what methods you were using. Were you outsourcing content, rewriting, spinning, or actually writing original articles?
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    Made $30 on two articles today

    Is this typical for them to ban you for high activity?
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    5 Stars on Textbroker

    Congratulations, that's very impressive. I hope to make it to level 5 someday but my writing is going to need improvement.
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    Need Your Thoughts Please

    Seems like a really good deal for everything you have to offer. Unfortunately with the recession and outsourcing at everyone's finger tips people forget that quality service comes at a premium. A legal contract is a good idea, and I'm still new to all of this but couldn't an escrow service be...
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    Sites With Assignments Like TextBroker?

    About how long does it take for article document to accept your writing?I have a writer who keeps bugging me about their payment, and they think I'm trying to rip them off. I also faxed them my W9 and have not received any confirmation about it, should I be concerned? Edit: Also how often will...
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    BITCOIN - mining 4 a year now

    Bitcoin is a very interesting concept and I have a feeling it's going to receive some legal resistance the more popularity it gains. I know it's fairly decentralized but what if they start throttling or blocking traffic at the ISP level? The federal reserve bank doesn't like competition
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    Sites With Assignments Like TextBroker?

    I use freelance sites, and I pay directly through the site. I don't have any writers who I trust enough to pay via paypal yet.
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    Sites With Assignments Like TextBroker?

    When hiring writers, do you guys pay per word or per article?
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    Who pays ODesk's fee, the employer or contractor?

    In a 2 day long argument with one of my writers over whether or not the fee comes out of my end. I paid them $2, and they received $1.80 after odesks fee and are mad as hell. So who's end does the fee come out of, theirs or mine? The rest of my writers have not complained at all.
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    Sites With Assignments Like TextBroker?

    I have a feeling I'm over paying for my writers. How much should a set typically cost me? It doesn't seem like I'd make very good profit with AC's low upfront payments. Also, are you saying I should use my company name as my pen name? Will AC frown upon this?
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    Sites With Assignments Like TextBroker?

    Thanks for your help. Signing up to articledocument now. I tried Writer Access from your content mill list, but haven't heard anything back yet. Any pointers on maximizing AC profits? I know they're on the low end of the pay spectrum. How fast is their approval process? I do have a...
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    Sites With Assignments Like TextBroker?

    So I assembled a team of outsourced writers and have been making pretty decent profit per article. Unfortunately the only writing jobs I have for them come from TB. Now I have to wait 7 days until TB rates my writing. Clients have all accepted, so I should be good, but who knows when they'll...
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    What is considered "Quality Content"?

    Unique, human readable, and preferably useful
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    Creating an event to make money

    Try there's plenty of people getting money for their crappy documentaries.
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    Content Mill List

    The apply link to Internet Brands seems to be down. "Application Error #0 An error occurred in our system while processing your task. Please confirm whether your task has been completed. If not, please try again. If the problem persists, please do one of the following: - If you are a...
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    What are good places to earn some cash writing articles?

    There was a thread posted the other day with a big list of content mills. It was by Infinite Articles, I'd post the link but the system won't let me unless I donate.
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    What is the best approach to gaming Yelp? Do I need profiles in the local area, lots of Yelp friends, more reviews, active account, page views? I've tried in the past and my reviews get filtered.
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    Problems logging into AC....

    Works fine for me.
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