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  1. sathish2493

    how long 301 redirect complete rank to new website.

    Its my experience, maximum 1 or 2 months you can see the results. But there is a no time line for this.
  2. sathish2493

    manual actions suspended during COVID19?

    exactly don't know the reason. but we have to wait for some times.
  3. sathish2493

    [Guides] Get this "pandemic" backlinks

    Nice info. I will add to my site
  4. sathish2493

    How To Check Your Website For *Algorithmic* Penalty

    useful tips. thank you. I found all my sites at #1
  5. sathish2493

    How Can I rank my App in Playstore

    exactly. I am also following the same.
  6. sathish2493

    Building 100+ backlinks within 2-3 months of new site

    Always quality is better than quantity. keep building quality links.
  7. sathish2493

    will changing the domain affect

    If you Changing the domain you will lose the traffic. you can gain the traffic, if you redirect the old URL to New one.
  8. sathish2493

    Negative SEO Example - Intentional or Error ?

    I think competitor might be done. you need to disvow the links soon.
  9. sathish2493

    list the expired domain buying site?

    Hello friends, I m looking for expired domains buying site. please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance
  10. sathish2493

    List of OFF-Page Activities

    Good post. Thanks for sharing
  11. sathish2493

    Is AMP good for SEO?

    yes. It will boost the phone users traffic in your website
  12. sathish2493

    How do you do SEO for news and lifestyle blogs?

    Exactly. but need to focus on both pages and post. then only we can get traffic instantly.
  13. sathish2493

    Want to find country based backlink places

    You can use some free or paid tool like semrush or ahrfs to get country based backlinks
  14. sathish2493

    Ranking Drops After a Backlink(It's Been 1 Month)

    while you going for seo in newbie sites rank will drop. so do seo daily basis and it will getting pasitive results
  15. sathish2493

    Which SEO methods nowadays get best SERP

    Many ways are there. but guest post is getting fast to boost the ranking.
  16. sathish2493

    is it true SSL website got better google ranking?

    No. Its not a factor. It will help the trust worthy site for users.
  17. sathish2493

    Using PBNs? Don't Make This Mistake

    Everyday, learning a new things is a special. I learned the lot of things in your post. You done a great job. Thank you.
  18. sathish2493

    URL submitted but not indexed?

    Test live url status in GSC. before that resubmit the site map. Then wait for few days. It will automatically indexed.
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