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    Social Media Help

    I would do some advertising on FB. You can target people who are interested in your niche and ask them to like your page by offering something in return or throw out a question. For example, if your page is about "link building" Try something like this... If you enjoy link building , hit...
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    how to start earning $$$$$ with blog????

    That's a very broad question. You have to start building a reputation for providing awesome content. Once the respect and visitors start coming in, you'll start earning on your own. I can tell you that if money is your first focus, your in trouble cause you'll give it. Be passionate about the...
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    Email Marketing for SEO Clients

    Hi, Email marketing is very tough. These days you have to have a relevant list and need to make sure they inbox. If they don't inbox, your pretty much out of luck. Next, there are email SPAM rules you have to follow or you can get into a lot of trouble.
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    Should I focus on multiple niches on a blog?

    Hi, Focusing on multiple niches is fine however will you be able to manage writing content for all of them. For example, Google has put a lot of emphasis on "quality" you need to be able to write some solid content. If you can manage and this is NOT a problem...then go for it!
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