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    Looking for a SEO Ranking Expert - Monthly budget ($150 to $200)

    My site is in the mild-adult niche (not p*n or gambling). I have access to Ahrefs but you see a tool is only helpful in the right hands. For example I did find a bunch of high volume, low KD keywords in my niche but then I am pretty sure I cannot rank for those because when I do an exact search...
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    [ASK] Best affordable SERP tracker

    Okay I will give it a trial run. Would you prefer it over SEMRush though? If I have to pay $99/mo for Ahref, I might as well pay $119 for SEMRush. @Hawkeye Digital
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    [ASK] Best affordable SERP tracker

    Hey guys, I need a SERP tracker tool which will let me upload KWs (approx. 1000) and domains (approx. 200). The tool then has to crawl the domains I added to see which URL is ranking on which position for what keyword. I did Moz and SEMRush trial and they have this feature but at that price it...
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    GSA Search Engine Ranker - Extremely Powerful Linkbuilding Software (Free 5 Day Trial)

    I am considering to buy the SER and Captcha breaker. I have some questions though. How can I contact you besides sending a PM here? Thank you!
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    Do you offer this service for adult niche? If yes, can you please share sample and discount code? Thank you!
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    [ASK] Link building strategies that still work in 2022

    Same? Oh, so the same directory submission, social bookmarks, web2.0 links, blog comment, guest articles, PBN... do these all still work as before?
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    [ASK] Link building strategies that still work in 2022

    Thank you so much! I will look into the free course. I do have a monthly $150 budget to invest on just one tool. Should I go with Ahrefs or SEMrush? A friend also suggested Magestic SEO. I am not sure which one offers more features. I want to be able to do keyword research, discover backlinks...
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    [ASK] Link building strategies that still work in 2022

    I have websites both in dating (adult niche) and education (non adult niche). I stayed out of Internet Marketing for 2 years and got back in the game just a few months ago. So, I am totally outdated right now. Back in those days, I used to rank easily with AutoBlogs (Wordpress auto content...
  9. T | SMM Panel | PayPal Accepted | +200 HQ Services | Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Telegram

    Heya! My current provider stopped FB video views service. So, I am trying out various smm panels before I switch. Can you please add test balance please? User name: twisted_one Thank you!
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    Test balance please. I need test FB Video views. My current provider has stopped this service. Username: twisted_one Thank you!
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    ⚡️ | SMM PANEL | API | High Quality | Lifetime Guarantee | ALL SOCIAL MEDIA AVAILABLE

    I would like to test this panel for FB view. Please add test funds to username twisted_one Do you have any other support (skype or whatsapp) instead of creating tickets?
  12. T | SMM Panel | All Social Media Marketing Services | IG likes from 0.12$ | Price Start from 0.04$

    Please add test funds to username twistedone I'm gonna have to try out your reactions and FB video views services. Thank you!
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    Top4smm / Lifetime Guarantee. Time to brake the rules. Now it's your turn \ Youtube * Instagram

    Can you add test balance to this email 1twisteddah(at)gmail(dot)com Btw, why are your services high priced? I know of a few SMM panels selling 1k FB Video Views at $0.15 whereas it's over $30 in your panel. I'm just trying to understand the difference. Thank you!
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    Faceless Money Machine Videos For Youtube & Social Media | Passive income with DFY Videos

    I thought I posted a reply but couldn't find it anywhere now. Please send me the sample videos. Thank you!
  15. T | Youtube Automation Channels | Monetized & Faceless | Everything Done-For-You | Build Your Viral Video Empire Today!

    I've been wanting to get into YouTube since this year beginning but didn't put together myself a plan yet due to other priorities. With this service, I could have a headstart. Please send me a live sample channels in Technology, Gaming and Healthcare niches. Thank you!
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    SMMRAJA: The one-stop SMM panel serving since 8 years

    This is done. They responded through a ticket.
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    SMMRAJA: The one-stop SMM panel serving since 8 years

    @smmraja512 I just made Rs.500 payment via Gpay. I scanned the QR code in your Add Funds page. Can you add this balance to my account? I also created a ticket if that helps. Username: twistedone
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    SMMRAJA: The one-stop SMM panel serving since 8 years

    My review I ordered the below things: 2690 F4 Facebook Page Likes + Followers (R180) (AR30) (10k/day) I did not drip feed so instant followers and likes were given. I ordered 170 to test and I was given an additional 100 and it is written in the service too that they will over-deliver to...
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