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    [JV] Sell our IPTV service and earn commissions!

    @x1digital I've been looking for an IPTV service too - would you mind shooting across the link too.
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    Where do I begin.... Shortly after my last post above, work became unbelievably busy, and considering it was my main source of income, I had to focus on it. Between the end of January and October, I occasionally added an article here and there. During this time I noticed that I really...
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    [Journey] How I'm Creating a Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing and Ads Business

    I'm so excited for this journey, I've read your other threads from start to finish and they were a big factor in getting me started and motivated! I'm sure you'll have success!
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    Update #3 - January 17th to 23rd Not going to lie to you guys, this week was rough. It was a combination of work being super busy and me being lazy but the thought of having to post an update saying I didn't hit my goal of 5 articles this week made me grind out an article and I posted it about...
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    [Journey] Fresh Domain, No Link Building, Just Content

    Best of luck mate, like yourself I started and then stopped, only to start back up a few months later. Keep focusing on those small wins such as the impressions starting to climb up. I'll be following along!
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    Hey mate, Moz Toolbar is what I used in the past, it allows you to see the DA and PA on all the SERP pages without having to manually click into each link.
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    Never heard or used WebPageTest until right now, it does give much more information! Ran a few tests with it and am still very happy with my performance, things will obviously improve once I start using a CDN and then once again when I move to a quicker hosting provider as currently the slowest...
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    When you put it like that it does provide me with a confidence boost that things are on the right track. I love having analytics and stats in front of me, it makes everything easy to measure and ensure things are working. Although, it sometimes is a downfall as I can get lost in the data for...
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    Is Plesk all that is needed to manage an unmanaged VPS

    The only reason I mention Plesk is because it's free with Vultr for up to 3 domains, otherwise I'd be considering the options you suggested.
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    [WEBSITE JOURNEY] 0 experience and profit to PROFITABLE LETS GO

    Good luck mate! I'll be following along
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    Update #2 - January 10th to 16th It didn't feel like the most productive week for me this week but I still managed to get the 5 articles out that I set for my goal, so I am very pleased with that. Word count is ranging from 630 to 1000 I added a scrolling depth tag to GTM in order to track how...
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    Is Plesk all that is needed to manage an unmanaged VPS

    Hi all, So I've always used shared hosting and recently have thought about moving to a cloudways managed VPS. But today I was talking to a friend who has a few hundred dollars worth of vultr credit that he doesn't use and said that if I wanted too it instead of using cloudways to just use his...
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    How will you quit your full time job?

    I currently have 40 days of annual (holiday) leave and am approaching what is called Long Service Leave which is an additional 8 week leave. In an ideal world, I'd apply to use all my leave in the one hit, take a massive holiday and then the day I get back into the office, give my resignation...
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    My first working blog - Journey to $500/month adsense+affiliate

    $1,400 for January already, that's insane! You and a few others on here truly are an inspiration!
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    Hello Hello

    Hi BHW! I don't know how I didn't see the introduction thread earlier, I joined a few days ago and went straight to the 'IM Journeys' to post mine and read others! Lurking around I've found plenty of valuable content and information, hoping I can find some success myself and then contribute back!
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    [Journey]Making $500-$1k monthly before 2023 investing nothing

    Goodluck mate! I hope you manage to get your hands on a computer to help speed up the process. I've got a similar goal to yourself, so let's achieve it!
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    Update #1 - January 3rd to 9th Week 1 of taking the blog seriously and I hit a little roadblock. Unfortunately got COVID, luckily my symptoms were mild but I found myself being way more tired than usual and I spent a few days just sleeping. But, I am all good now and back to normal. I set a...
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    This is something, I am aiming to improve upon. Over the past few days I've discovered I'm able to write in short 20-30minutes bursts and then just need to step away for 5-10minutes and return. Ideally, if I can start getting those bursts up to the 45-60minute mark I'd start getting more...
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    [Journey] A serious attempt at a blog

    Hello BHW, I started my blog on January 16th 2021, as with all my attempts in the past, I wrote a few articles, didn't see instant results, and stopped. Fast forward to August 2021 and I discovered a user on Reddit (Phil) whose blog inspired me to start putting out more content, which just so...
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