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    61195*******72621 done
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    Ok I got scammed cos w/e, it was my mustake. So now I ordered an non pin verified account for 50dollars, that AdSense account I will connect with my YouTube channel and after my balance pass the pin limit (10 $ or so) you will provide uk address that I can use for the pin I need and let me...
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    These isn't another with that nickname
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    ⚡NON-HOSTED & NON-PIN VERIFIED GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNTS ⚡ Isn't that your account?? Didn't I got scammed??
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    I just ordered one uk account but the guy in Skype chat told me to send the money to a different payPay that they have here. Now I am waiting..
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    Top4smm / Lifetime Guarantee. Time to brake the rules. Now it's your turn \ Youtube * Instagram

    I do have a tech review youtube channel. It took me 14 months to hit 10.000 subs all White Hat. I also have my adsense connect etc. The channel in non English.. The question is simple. Do i put at any risk my channel buying from you views? I put many months and lots of $$$ there and the risk is...
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    OMG Can't Belive This Possible 500k + Views in Empty YouTube Channel ,You Gotta To Check This out.

    He did not upload the video, he just "like it" and you looking the video he likes , lol. The upload channel is different.
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    Reddit SMM Panel | Reddit Upvote / Downvote Service Price from $0.1 | Front Page Service

    Hello sir. Can you also post for me? Cos I don't have good account to post. If yes, how much that will cost with the first page service? Thank you.
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    ask me anything about youtube 2019

    Can you please share more info about top commenting? When you need to post a comment? In first hour etc? Should we add 200 likes by one or not? Cos looks scamy to have 300 upvotes and post the comment 2 minutes before. Can we just say "Hello dude, that asweome videos, i also like Canon cameras"...
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    Hey guys, i order YT channel yestarday (220 $) and it looks cool. Thank you!
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    ask me anything about youtube 2019

    Thats great advice. Can i pm you my channel so you can take a look and tell me what to avoid to not have the same results?
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    ask me anything about youtube 2019

    I have a yt channel with ~200k subs, 4 years old. Few days before i get the bad news "Your channel is no longer eligible to monetize" . I think its cos i had reuload my old videos. The question is this, after 30 days i can re reapply but they will not give my back the option i think right...
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    2 channels with different google, if one get banned?

    Ok guys, thank you!
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    2 channels with different google, if one get banned?

    Hello guys, sorry for the poor English.. I have a channel that it's legit and i dont want to lose that channel ( i invest a lot there) But the thing is that i want to try something "new" but risky, i could get ban ( 10%) lets say. The 2nd channel is on the some ip and pc but with defferent...
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    Spam account to promote decent accounts?

    Am also interesting what ppl have to say about that.
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    JARVEE - social media automation tool for: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr

    Hello guys, after we have the "watermark in image" a small text , out account name for ex. will that solve the metadata problem? I mean after that out image is inique? If not, what else we can add to achieve that? Thanks
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    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    What exactly is your use of advansed renamer? Do you only rename files? Thanx <3
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    How many followers you gain on average?

    I see , i note also that those who are ("Little followers base ) DM me after i follow them and thank me, ask questions, generaly try to engage :)
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    How many followers you gain on average?

    Hey misterbart h really dude?
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