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    I always use canva it is not free but cheap enough. you can also use freepik it is mostly free.
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    How often do you get action blocks?

    that really depends on how old your accounts are and also how active it used to be. Instagram is really strict on new accounts. so they get banned much more often.
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    Need Help For Growing My Personal IG

    just create great content and be different. you will grow no doubt.
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    Why is the follow/unfollow method unsafe?

    you should find those Telegram pods of your niche and ask people to follow you. the way you are doing it is just going to make you action-blocked.
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    How can i separate Public and Private instagram accounts is there any way?

    the only tool for that is Jarvee and it is quite expensive. so...
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    Instagram - Changing Location

    if you are using proxies always use the same location. changing locations is not good and you will appear suspicious.
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    Where are you guys using SMM these days?

    There's a lot of smm panels but that's better to find your service provider directly, I know some of them if it can help you.
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    Is there such thing as a damaged account?

    yes using bots will harm your account. especially when you are at the beginning of your account building. so try to put out different content and team up with other small accounts for a shoutout. sometimes an account is so damaged probably it is better to start a new one. I hope that is not your...
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    What's the best way to start growing a brand new Instagram account?

    do not use the follow/unfollow method much. because Instagram will be suspicious of your activities and block you or shadowban you. and if you buy followers they always always always drop. so focus on creating content. be different. nd if you have a little budget ask for a shoutout from small...
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    VERIFIED IG Getting Temporarily Locked Using JARVEE

    I think you should ask Instagram first. change your password using Instagram desktop and if it didn't work contact Instagram maybe they noticed unusual activity on your account.
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    [Q] What are some of the working bots for Instagram nowadays ?

    everyone is saying Jarvee bu is actually really pricy.
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    Niche for Instagram

    know what you like and make sure you follow that. when you like something you will make good content and I think you can make money out of anything on Instagram.
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    Insta followers dropping from panels?

    I think it is because Instagram closes the accounts that are suspicious and follows mass accounts.
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    Guide - How to recover a banned/disabled IG account

    thanks for the post! I hope I never need it.
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    Instagrasm Auto DM

    don't direct 50 people a day or you will get shadowbanned.
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    How to monetize 20k Instagram Model/Babe Niche?

    the best way to make money is shoutouts. 20K is not a lot. try to collaborate with other accounts or conduct a giveaway.
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    Followliker still safe in 2020?

    bots get identified real quick. don't use them. use organic growth services.
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    Instagram Cares About My Feelings

    that has never happened to me before. they usually don't give any explanations or never say sorry. you are a special one!
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    Instagram accounts creator tool?

    do you want to create bulk accounts? I guess this one is not bad but I have never used it myself
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