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  1. Adaman9

    What the hell is happening with Luminati

    Are they still relatable service? Few days ago saw some posts about their leaked customers, now some article about Luminati being hacked. Anyone got em recently?
  2. Adaman9

    Luminati business ethics lol

    Came across this article about oxylabs / luminati lawsuit, about some tech patent infringement that Oxylabs alegedly did. It wouldn't be too bad of a look for luminati if that was the only thing but it appears that Luminati also did some shady scare tactics against their competitors clients as...
  3. Adaman9

    Best blogging web 2.0 platform?

    Hi all! I was wondering, what would be your go-to free web 2.0 website for a new blog?
  4. Adaman9

    Can/Will you quit using google?

    Highly unlikely i will quit on google
  5. Adaman9

    Hi all, Newbie from Portugal

    Hiya! nice to have you and looking forward to your contributions! :)
  6. Adaman9

    Why she want to hug me?

    Tell her to stop or start crying, the next time she does this.
  7. Adaman9

    What would you do if hundreds of extreme hackers try to get into your PC

    Put a condom on my laptop. Should help
  8. Adaman9

    Instagram still viable?

    I wouldn't agree entirely that bots should be out of the option. There are ways to come around Instagram algorithms, using proxies, for example. So if you're looking for quick dollars - this is the way to go. Just remember to stay safe!
  9. Adaman9

    How do i avoid demonetiztion

    Thats really hard, as basically any backlash from community can result in demotization :/ would avoid those sensitive topics that are public now (young girls doing makeup half naked lol, or kids in general, as example). And just hope that all will go well :D
  10. Adaman9

    Stay Away From COSMO:PROXY - Scam

    "If it not working for you please don't use" <-- what the fuck. What kind of company would say that to their customers :D
  11. Adaman9

    Need premium proxies for voting process

    That depends on how big your voting page will be, as there are bussiness like residential proxies ( for example Oxylabs ) or personal use proxies (like Smartproxy ). You can check the differences, as the main ones are price, and amount of proxies you get, as both of those pages offer residential...
  12. Adaman9

    Hi from SC

    Welcome to forum!
  13. Adaman9

    B2B scraping tools

    Basically e-commerce pages, as mostly need product name, product price, category, brand, image, etc. For example, pages like Linkedin, amazon, ebay, craigslist
  14. Adaman9

    Need Guidance On "Job" That Requires Residential IP From Turkey

    Tbh, if you know all the logins and stuff like that, you should look up some services that provide residential instagram proxies. Assuming that its gonna be residential, and not data server proxy, you shouldn't get any errors, even the IP address is not gonna be exactly the same.
  15. Adaman9

    Looking for instagram proxies from Germany

    Would suggest looking up "instagram proxies", as there are a lot of services offering that. For example, for me, first one to show up is "Smartproxy", and they already instantly offer proxies based on country.
  16. Adaman9

    Proxy rotating service?

    I think you should check up some residential proxies, as they shouldn't be getting captcha or getting banned
  17. Adaman9

    Canadian Proxies

    You can always look up proxy providers, that are offering to get proxies by country. I think one of the biggest ones would be Oxylabs, Smartproxy, Luminati, and there are lots of others. There is also kind of popular category "instagram proxies".
  18. Adaman9

    Opinion on proxy providers

    Just check some pages that have some comparisons. There is proxyway, that has done a lot of reviews and comparisons, or just search up some "instagram proxies", as its a popular service now
  19. Adaman9

    Instagram Proxy help please

    1) well, so far you can still do that, and it will work. Depending on what policy instagram will make, your accs might be still available. 2) There are data center proxies, which are usually from private data centers, but they still have a chance to get blocked, as they might have been used...
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