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  1. mikewazovski

    #1 Working Ranking Factor in Today's Algorithm?

    Why you separate topical authority and content? Harshly it is the same
  2. mikewazovski

    How I increased my Affiliate Marketing Earnings by Over 250%

    These kinds of domain are quickly being re-delegated, or browsers like Chrome might show a warning that you are visiting deceptive page. Got a little experience with similar stuff
  3. mikewazovski

    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    Hey man, thanks for your thread! I don't know if anyone has highlighted this, but didn't you think that for Google it has became cheaper to rank those "one paragraph in a sub-heading" stuff for your low-competition keywords, than a separate page?
  4. mikewazovski

    Gaming blog monetization model ideas

    Thanks for the advice. Webview app is okay for this?
  5. mikewazovski

    Gaming blog monetization model ideas

    Hey everyone! Reading BHW pretty long time but posting not too much before I'm curious about possible monetization models for a gaming blog (video games, board games, etc.). Wanted to ask you guys could you advise me something regarding this topic? Yeah, I already consider adsence, selling...
  6. mikewazovski

    How the BHW is slowly changing my life

    Keep up the hustle man, good luck
  7. mikewazovski

    Niche Guest Post On High Domain Authority Websites With 500 Words Unique Content Just in 15$ Only

    Hi, could you send me Game category samples? Thanks!
  8. mikewazovski

    ⚡RankHeist - Be a Robinhood in your Niche ~ Cloud Stacks,Niche Edits & Guest Posts◀️

    Hey, could you send me samples for each category and a discount code if possible? :)
  9. mikewazovski

    Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro v3 - New Lower Price + 20% off - Find Expired Domains

    Thanks for the reply! It's great, for how long it will be up? Cause I need some time to get my budget for it. You can message me in PM if so :)
  10. mikewazovski

    Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro v3 - New Lower Price + 20% off - Find Expired Domains

    Hello! Awesome software, worked with it year ago, want to purchase it again for myself. Is Halloween Special is still there, or any discount? Looking for Pro subscription. Thanks!
  11. mikewazovski

    Hi Everyone

    You've taken the right path. Good luck with it!
  12. mikewazovski

    How to discover a PBN

    If you get to know some interesting strategies, please, share it. Also not going to report anybody, just want to understand how to effectively find them
  13. mikewazovski

    Share for SEO

    Welcome to BHW, I'm also a new guy here, but have some knowledge behind my back. So, feel free to ask anything you need to know :)
  14. mikewazovski not listing all pages indexed

    Using site:yourdomain operator won't show you all the pages indexed by googlebot, also even the number of "Results:" above SERPs won't give you true info about how many pages were indexed. As you said right it somekind of sample info to understand approximate volume of pages in Google. Right...
  15. mikewazovski

    What type of links do you usually buy?

    How many backlinks are you gaining that way?
  16. mikewazovski

    Why Link Building is important for ranking?

    As it was said above, links help search engine crawlers to find their way to your website/pages that you want to rank, also it's like a message for them that your site is something people can trust because other websites/users are linking to you. Latter depends on the quality of linked website...
  17. mikewazovski

    Link building in Poland (forum posting, QnA-websites etc)

    Hello guys! I need help with link building on polish forums, blog comments and qna-websites. Is there anybody that work in PL?
  18. mikewazovski

    Behance links

    You talking about profile itself is "noindex, nofollow" or your links? If latter then it's impossible to get do follow link from behance. If you're taking about profile itself you need to create a project that visible to everyone, put some tags on it and choose category (try to fill all the info...
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