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  1. MRM94

    [METHOD] Get Backlinks from IBM Bluemix for FREE!

    Took a little bit of practice to get down but it indeed does work. Thank you, sir, for making such a detailed guide.
  2. MRM94

    Google update again?!

    Without a doubt another major update rolling out. All websites shifted 10-30,000 organic searches a day. About 20-30% of website traffic a day.
  3. MRM94

    Complete Guide to Simple SEO Sites - Easy Way to Start with SEO

    Really depends on the density of the niche as well. If we use antivirus as the niche without a lot of EAT score from Google you may never rank. There are definitely some lower hanging fruits you could grab but doing your research on the niches you'll be more than fine. In general, keeping your...
  4. MRM94

    What If The Internet Shuts Down?

    Well, there will always be time to travel I suppose considering I'll be jobless and homeless after a decade.
  5. MRM94

    Google update again?!

    Last 48 hours I have jumped up about 255% on one of my websites and the rest of the websites are slowly starting to rebound. Seems weird slew of updates lately going up and down testing different features. All of my websites are very large in size so a 255% jump is 40,500 - 80,000 users...
  6. MRM94

    Google update again?!

    Also noticing some extreme drops in traffic. Last months one of the many websites I manage dropped 66% percent traffic in one day from one major keyword and has slowly declined about an additional few a day. What is weird, the website I manage and do the least on that content is blowing up. Is...
  7. MRM94

    August Core Algorithm Update -2018

    Has nothing to do with backlinks. It's a content quality update. Do you have high-quality content on the page that answers the E-A-T guidelines by Google? You'll rank higher. You don't follow the high-quality guidelines? You will derank. TLDR; do high-quality content and focus intent intenta and...
  8. MRM94

    Recent Google Update: What's Your Opinion On This?

    It is rather weird that all of us seem to be having the same problem. Ironically a site that was hurt by the first update in March is now doing incredibly good compared to the last few months. The sites that have always done incredibly well in my niche are just now slowly starting to come back...
  9. MRM94

    SEO question, lose rank on weekend then pick back up?

    Our companies orders pick up on the weekend but our rankings usually tend to drop for the most part. Seems weird. I am in the transportation niche.
  10. MRM94

    Do tags affect your rankings negatively?

    Likely no it doesn't hurt you unless you are purely spamming keywords which then can hurt you. However, your hurting yourself by using broad keywords compared to long-term by the sounds of the creating duplicate content, if it is appearing for you that is.
  11. MRM94

    how tf do i delte this post
  12. MRM94

    Saw a poster copy today in a restaurant and brushed it up a little.

    Try Kopywriting Kourse, I think your missing what good copywriting is. You have the right idea by rewording things to make them better than before and most of the time straight to the point is better.... but that's most, not all. A good copywriting sells you the product through words alone and...
  13. MRM94

    back2form - Master List of Guest blogs for Free! - This thread is now closed.

    I need this because it would go great with doing the whitehat method compared to the blackhat side of things for the IM side of things.
  14. MRM94

    Looking for teddy bears dropshipper in USA

    Not related to the dropshipping, but do you guys seriously have a warehouse full of massive teddy bears? This is awesome :)
  15. MRM94

    What price should I pay for this domain?

    As stated before. If you are looking for a domain to purchase it's a good idea to blur more information on the second picture as I found the exact domain and you don't want a company like Google who comes here all the time to penalize you. On that note, I looked at the domain name itself and...
  16. MRM94

    Complete Guide to Simple SEO Sites - Easy Way to Start with SEO

    Read through the entire post, really good read!
  17. MRM94

    I just told my mom that I dropped out of college

    Dropped out of college myself, regret doing it at the time as I had no fallback on but things clicked into place and now make well over 6 figures a year.
  18. MRM94

    Most Likely Local Rank Factor Holding Me Back?

    I would say honestly, you need to update more to keep your content fresh. Doesn't mean you have to change on the page text for every single page, but go through the most popular pages and make them better. This will show Google you are spending extra time making these pages better as well as...
  19. MRM94

    I am not your bro

    Didn't this same exact thing happen a month ago with "don't call me dear?" so... with that being said. Thanks for the post bro.
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